BC-AC, pond

12 09 2013

Life how it was Before Children and how it is After Children.Image

My two year old finally fell head first into the fish pond. He is fine… we were not.

Sketch of the day: Lost Love

27 08 2011

Lost Love (c) Constanza Ehrenhaus 2011

This was my last entry to Sketch Weekend (Running right now, if you care to join!). The prompt? Victorian era, diamonds mine, ghost.

It was a blast to draw this and it won the friendly challenge of last week. Sketch Weekend is running right now. Would you care to join us? 🙂

Sketch: Free drawing

25 08 2011

free sketch (c) Constanza Ehrenhaus 2011

Maybe you can help me and tell me what did I just draw. I just opened the canvas and started passing the brush without any plan, then defining further the shapes that were suggested by the strokes. Any idea?

It was quite relaxing and different from anything I do. I quite like it.

Sketch of the day(s): La fiesta

16 08 2011

La Fiesta (c) Constanza Ehrenhaus 2011

Have you ever had this awesome idea in your head about a certain concept? You kind of envision the flow of the piece, the colors, the interaction of the elements… and then it just does not look right on paper.

“La fiesta” is one of those. I will revisit it soon, I think, because I am really frustrated about this sketch :/

Sketch weekend

9 08 2011

Secret friend (c) Constanza Ehrenhaus

Life is not going back to normal, but we are finding ways of working around that. Ignacio still does not sleep through the nights and he has not establish a rhythm yet, so some days he naps, and other days he just does not sleep at all! But, nevertheless, I am finding little moments here and there to sketch a bit and get back into drawing mode.

My Friend Lisa Cree is throwing a weekly event, each weekend she gives three prompts: setting, era and subject, and artists have to do a sketch. It is really nice and it has a voting system by which not necessarily the most skilled artist will win the challenge. This is a perfect, non stress event to go back to drawing. Right now I don’t have the time and energy to finish up a refined piece, but sketches are nice 🙂 I encourage you guys to go over and take part, it’s fun!

This is my sketch for my first time entering. I hope I can keep participating!