About the artist

I have been a freelance illustrator since mid 2008, after I graduated as a PhD in biology. My clients include particulars, fantasy magazines and companies. If you want to commission me, please send me an email to faerywitchart(at)yahoo.com explaining what you would need. My prices start at $50 for color non-commercial art.

Because of the upcoming baby I will be raising my prices starting in June 2011. If you would like to commission me for the current prices, please let me know, you can pay a deposit and be placed in queue.



Comencé mi carrera como ilustradora independiente a mediados de 2008, luego de obtener mi título de doctora en biología. Mis clientes han sido particulares, revistas de fantasía y compañías. Si quiere encargarme una ilustración, por favor, contácteme a faerywitchart(arroba)yahoo.com explicando qué es lo que necesita. Mis precio base es $50 por una ilustración no comercial a color.

Debido a la llegada de mi bebé los precios serán  aumentados a partir de junio de 2011. Si usted quisiera encargarme arte por el precio actual, por favor contácteme, existe la opción de pagar un depósito ahora y anotarse en una lista para el futuro.

Me at work.

5 responses

22 06 2010

loved your website! interesting and original!

22 06 2010

Thank you very much! 🙂

5 07 2011
Mario A. Pica

The infinity lotus flower is the tattoo I have been searching for, for nearly 10 years. I will be getting it tattooed on the back of my left hand and I will always tell everyone where it came from. It is Perfect. Thank you for sharing your work, you are truly talented. I will try to send you a picture as soon as it gets finished! Thank you again, Enjoy the Day!

5 07 2011

Mario, that makes me so happy to know! Please, do send a photo!

2 08 2012
Piedad Eddlemon

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