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My galleries at Deviantart, Epilogue, Elfwood.

Social networking at Twitter (username: Faerywitch) and Facebook, where I hang around most (username: Faerywitch Art)

I am setting up a Tumblr account, and you can also follow my Pinterest to see what things I do besides art! (warning, I am very biased toward cookies!)




Artists and friends that have a very positive influence over me and my art:

The amazing and ever enlightening Christine Griffin

The unique and so caring Melissa Findley

The magical work of Meredith Dillman

The incredible Patrick McEvoy and his wonderful Ninja Mountain podcasts

The mystic Goddess art of Michelle-lee Phelan
Hana’s delicious food blog and her lovely creative blog

Zoe’s blog another biologist that shares with me the passion for art… and some strange fetish for Jar Jar.

Janosh’s elegant blog

Karyn Lewis‘ illustration art

Faery art at Tiffany Toland-Scott’s blog

Celtic art and motherhood at Cris’ blog

Diego Fraustro’s design and art page.

The art of Michael Cross, dragons and sculptures!

Sculptures, cosplay, thorns and sexyness in Kelly Chehardy‘s blog.

If you would like to follow the journey of two people learning art and their improving skills, do not forget to check Rebecca’s and Robert’s blogs!

  • can anyone recommend a good masking fluid that doesn’t stain or grab to the paper too much?

    Like · · Follow Post · 3 hours ago

      • Sarah Aiston I would be interested to know that answer!! Every brand I try on any paper always damages the paper, I have given up using it!!

        15 minutes ago · Like
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  • I never update here! I actually joined ages ago too! I’m not much of a facebook person… But I may try to be more active. And it would be nice to have art friends! I haven’t had any of those since art school…

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  • I had a rough January and got nothing accomplished. Well, here are all my sketch fest sketches that I had planned to finish. I guess I’ve got my work cut out for me!!

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  • This was a sketch I shelved a while ago because I wasn’t “feeling” it. I was having trouble with the male figure and just gave up on it. Then the Enchanted Visions project announced it’s theme for February, “Secret Kisses”. Well, I immediately went back to it, re-worked it and here it is…I have to say thanks to Marianne Mathiasenfor starting the Fantasy Art Study Group. It’s really helped me practice drawing both the male and female figures. I have a lot to learn, but I’m pretty happy with it 🙂

    “Forbidden Love” (Secret Kisses)

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  • This question is addressed to those of your that sell your work wholesale: I am pretty new to wholesaling. I had a meeting today with a pretty big tourist gift shop. One of the questions I was asked was about my policy if an item gets damaged in their shop from over-handling by customers… will I replace it? Is that a common practice? It threw me off a little…

    Like · · Follow Post · Monday at 7:52pm near Sidney, British Columbia

      • Maigan Lynn HAHA Ellen! Policing their monkey’s better! Good laugh! 🙂
        I agree with what everyone else has to say. Unless it’s damaged while being shipped to the company, I wouldn’t think you’d have any further responsibilities. Once it becomes THEIR merchandise, it’s their responsibility.

        Tuesday at 12:53pm · Like
      • Alison Spokes Thank you all for your advice. You have confirmed my original thoughts. I feel much better now. The fact that she even asked made me doubt my answer.

        17 hours ago via mobile · Like
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  • I have some things for bid on ebay. I’m thinking about getting an ebay store rather than just the auctions. What do you guys think?


    ACEO Print Day of the Dead by Fantasy Artist Lori Karels in Art , Direct from the Artist , Other |eBay
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  • Took a break from the painting (digital and real mediums) for some drawing and inking. Ahhhhh – it felt VERY good to ink something. Reminded me why I love comics, and that someday I will get something of mine published!

    ‎1 Feb 2012 – finished inking Cirrus. I have yet to decide if I want to give her some color or not. For now she is considered done. ^_^

    A collection of work in progress projects, and sometimes the miscellaneous item!

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  • Today is the last day to submit artwork for the centaur-themed issue of EMG-Zine: http://emg-zine.com/

    Also, check out the new issue! Have you downloaded the free pdf of our first anthology?


    We’ve got monthly columns from Ursula Vernon, Melissa Acker, Constanza Ehrenhaus, Annie Rodrigue and Ellen Million. We’ve also got feature articles on marketing and promoting your artwork and writing, tutorials on a range of subjects, information about the theme of the month, a gallery of artwork – …
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  • In my Sketch-a-Day journal today, I drew a little comic which is slightly insane… =) Click the link if you want to be amused (or mildly disturbed in which case I apologize…)
    Like · · Follow Post · · 20 hours ago near Pleasanton, CA
  • I was wondering if anyone here can recommend any good licensing agents? I’ve been looking for someone for a couple weeks but haven’t found many that represent much fantasy art.

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  • I know it’s been discussed, but what are your favorite watercolors? I’m going on a binge art supplies shopping trip next week! Any suggestions?

    Like · · Follow Post · Monday at 6:38pm near Portland, OR

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      • Monika Ptok-Byard Maria Gonzalez no prob! so happy for you! and I can’t wait till you can play with them:D!!! FUN!!!

        Yesterday at 10:30am · Like · 1
      • Ann Gates Fiser Daniel Smith all the way. For one thing you can count on them being light safe. High saturation pigments and an unbelievable range of colors!

        22 hours ago · Like · 1
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  • Lisa Cree added Faerywitch Art to the group.
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  • Lisa Cree changed the group privacy setting to Closed.

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      • Lisa Cree I’ve just set the group to visible because Constanza Ehrenhaus (faerywitch) would like to join. If I’m not here when she sends the request, can someone set it back to private again please?

        Yesterday at 9:17am · Unlike · 1
      • Lisa Cree done 🙂

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  • Lisa Cree changed the group privacy setting to Secret.

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  • A funny superstitious sort of idea entered my head just as I was about to post a progress pic of what I’m working on…. I think posting WIP pics jinxes me! When I post half finished pics of stuff, I lose all my work one way or another or dont finish it!! So I think I won’t do that anymore… I will only show sketches and finished work from now on! Am I a weirdo to think this way? Do you guys have any weird little superstitions about art? Hehe… :p

    Like · · Follow Post · Monday at 1:41am

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      • Maigan Lynn

        I have to agree with Meredith. Once I show the WIP I feel a certain sense of responsibility to ‘the people’ to finish it! lol! I’m pretty good with the projects I start though. I’m usually able to see it through to the end. I’ve had some paSee More
        Tuesday at 1:09pm · Like · 1
      • Marianne Mathiasen Katherine Rose Barber, I totally understand you. I feel the same way, whenever I start to do a WIP, I lose interest. When I draw and paint I enter another world where I don’t like any disturbances. You could say I join the fairies’ magic world, and I need them as my muses to help me finish what I set out to do 😉

        Yesterday at 2:39am · Like
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  • Am I a bad person for thinking that artist who trace their reference photos directly before painting are cheating? Its driving me nuts to see these watercolor artist tracing their flower reference photos. Im all for tracing a drawing you have already done onto the final board, paper, or whatever substrate your using, but really? You cant hand draw that rose bud? *sigh*

    Like · · Follow Post · January 29 at 3:28pm near Ruidoso, NM

      • Maigan Lynn

        Kristin I agree 100%. That was the point I was getting at earlier. I never trace anything unless it’s my own. When I participate in Sketchfest I draw all of my sketches on bristol paper – not the best paper to use watercolour’s with. So wheSee More
        Tuesday at 7:45pm · Like · 1
      • Kristin Palmer Exactly. Most of the time I just draw right onto my watercolor paper but when im not sure on something or if im doing sketchfest then I draw onto regular paper. So if I have a kickass sketch then I’ll use my lightbox to transfer my sketch to watercolor paper because if I try to redraw it it wont come out the same. It saves alot of time. I rarely do it though because I hate tracing period…its annoying LOL

        Tuesday at 7:56pm · Like
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  • Ok, so my giveaway is done now and my review of the app is that it’s fantastic! Here are the pro’s and con’s. Start with the cons: Couldn’t do giveaways based on a certain number of fans and you can’t do multiple prizes. Also I had one fan say she couldn’t access the giveaway but she was the only one and I’m not sure if it had something to do with her cookies or not. Pro’s: The traffic generated is incredible! I started of with 619 fans and am now at 711 fans. So far no one has dropped off so I’m hoping they stick around. I’ll have to let you know a little later on. But I’m assuming that people who signed up for this giveaway are generally interested in art anyway! Another pro is that I didn’t have to pick the winner. The system is set up to choose a winner randomly. You can see all the naSee More

    A Facebook compliant, free giveaway sweepstakes engine to help you promote your brand. Easy to use interface, no signup forms, no hassle. Features of other pay-for-use sweepstakes software at no cost.
    Like · · Follow Post · Tuesday at 12:37pm near Kingston, Ontario
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      • Sarah Aiston Oooh I might try this sometime, although I was going to wait til I gt to 400 fans.

        Tuesday at 2:19pm · Like
      • Kristin Palmer May have to try this when I get to 1000 fans…Im so close im only 18 fans away. When I hit 1000 I think I am going to give away a free original aceo and a 5x7in print.

        Tuesday at 7:43pm · Like
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  • I have really wanted to try Daniel Smith Extra Fine watercolors and finally have enough saved to buy some. How many of you use this brand and what would be the must have colors to start with? Any help would be appreciated, thanks 🙂

    Like · · Follow Post · January 28 at 4:23pm

    • 6 people like this.
      • Ann Gates Fiser ‎@Amy Brown we are some of the lucky few that get to walk in and experience Daniel Smith first hand. I count myself blessed to live here.

        Monday at 3:20am · Like · 1
      • Maria Gonzalez Woohoo!! I just made my first purchase at DanielSmith.com! Thanks everyone for your help and thanks to Monika Ptok-Byard for the promotional code! It really saved me some $$!! It was actually cheaper than buying them at the local art store. I can’t wait to use them!!

        Tuesday at 7:39pm · Like
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  • Dragon Lore.

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  • My newest oracle card is complete! May I introduce Aeranelii’s River card (Minor Arcana) from my upcoming premier oracle deck, “The Sidhe Queen Oracle” ♥ ♥ ♥

    Aeranelii’s River
    Minor Arcana- The Sidhe Queen Oracle
    Painter 11 & Ink
    ~See More
    I am presently in the middle of creating my very 1st Oracle deck about the 12 Queens of the Sidhe (or Faery Queens). Stay tuned as I progress through this Journey, it’s going to be a real trip! 😉 To learn more about The Sidhe Queen Oracle, please visit; http://www.coriander-shea.com/the-sidhe-queen-oracle.html

    And my blog @ http://sidhequeenoracle.blogspot.com/

    ♥ :Love Light & Peace: ♥

    Like · · Follow Post · Monday at 3:52pm
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      • Carla Morrow ‎:P hehe

        Monday at 7:35pm · Like
      • Maigan Lynn LOL!!! ahahah! You guys are too funny!
        Corie, I love all the purply-blue hues! So pretty!

        Tuesday at 1:10pm · Like
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  • I finished this today. Put about 15+ or so hours into it. Definitely the lesser end on the amount of time I put into a painting. This was fun to paint though. Definitely more movement than I normally have. Let me know what you think, I’d love to hear. This was done in watercolors on arches hot press.

    Like · · Follow Post · January 16 at 10:22pm
      • Kim Turner Looks fab, Colours are lovely

        January 19 at 3:59am · Like
      • Elisa Tudor This is so beautiful. Don’t know how I didn’t get to see it before. The lines, the sea, the colors just excellent. thank you for sharing.

        Tuesday at 11:52am · Like
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