Northern Lights, a Christmas scrapkit

6 12 2012

This has been a busy year for the artists at PSP Tubes Stop and we have worked together in our last scrapkit of the year, let me introduce you to a lovely Holidays scrapkit with a mild and serene palette in lilac, lavender and blue.

Northern Lights scrapkit

Northern Lights scrapkit

This is a collaborative effort by Jenny Heidewald, Lynn Chua, Joanna Bromley, Lisa Cree and me 🙂 This Scrapkit comes with 65 Objects, 23 frames, and 17 backgrounds. That is huge!!

With this, we say goodbye to a lovely year of working together and hard, and we will now take a little break to be with our families, but expect more for next year! The kits kept getting better as this year went by, so I expect a lot of great quality products soon to come!

Oh, and since you are at it, my joyful penguins were made specifically to fit this palette, so purchasing both the kit and the penguins tube would make for a delightful tag!

Joyful Penguins, tubed.

Halloween Kit: Nevermore

27 09 2012

At PSP Tube Stop we are always thinking of ways to give the best to our costumers. Lisa was thinking and squeezing her brains screaming “Enough of orange and purple! This is supposed to be a ‘scary’ thing!” when she came up with a Gothic theme for this Halloween’s kit. The palette was inspired on this piece:

By W.D. Noble

So off we went to work on this creepy scrapkit including tombs, witches, Gothic frames, creepy trees and scary backgrounds.

As an anecdote, this time around Lisa was going through some difficult times so she trusted me the honor of taking care of this one. I have to say I have a new found respect for Lisa’s work, it is difficult, time consuming and mentally taxing to be the person in charge of coordinating artists, editing their work, tubing, changing colors and pushing to meet the deadline in a nice manner. She is an awesome person for many reasons, and now I get a glimpse into what a hard worker she is, given that she is the one taking care of all this in a regular fashion. Lisa, you are wonderful!

And so, without further ado I’ll leave you with this beautiful scrapkit:



This scrapkit comes with 15 backgrounds, 13 frames, and 37 objects. Contributing artists are Constanza Ehrenhaus, Katerina Koukiotis, Jenny Heidewald and Lisa Cree.

Summer Spell: A crazy juicy scrapkit for this hot summer

7 07 2012

I am really happy and proud to introduce our new scrapkit Summer Spell.  This one is to the Summer and heat, the beach, palm trees, piña colada and all the great things we love of this season!  The kit is colorful, with highly saturated and citrusy colors, vibrant and fun. The kit has 16 Frames,  16 Background Papers, and 69 Elements. The artists who made this scrapkit are Katerina Koukiotis, Lisa Cree, and me.

And of course, I had to go ahead and try my hand making a tag too 🙂

Image (c) Constanza Ehrenhaus

When Faerywitch tags

8 05 2012

Work done with Joana Bromley’s work, A tube for free at PSP Tube Stop

When Lisa started the collaborative kits we decided to have some fun ourselves and started “When artists tag” which is us, the artists, using the work we do for the kits to do tags. This is not only good fun but also gives us some insight into what goes on for making tubes, which is good for it helps you be closer to the taggers, imo. So here are some of the tags I made! I really like the one done with Joanna’s work, but of course, the tube is fantastic, containing 11 layers and it is up for free in PSP Tube Stop! What a great gift to the community!



My first tag done with the Weekend in Paris collaborative kit.





New scrapkit: religious Easter.

27 03 2012

Katerina, Lisa and I thought it would be a good idea to put together a religious themed Easter/Pesach kit for those people who enjoy the religious and spiritual meaning of this season. So here it is! I can say that it was a very nice experience to work on it, and I think Katerina will agree, I enjoyed researching for options to include. I hope I did justice to the Pesach elements! This scrapkit comes with 12 Backgrounds, 24 Elements and 5 frames. Lisa did a beautiful job with the backgrounds, they are simple and peaceful, so fitting for this season!

Easter/Pesach kit for sale on


Easter Eggstravaganza, a scrapkit for this spring

23 03 2012

Celebrating the beginning of spring and getting ready for Easter, the artists at PSP tubes Stop put together this gorgeous scrapkit with an amazing amount of elements for you to play. This humongous kit includes 100 elements, 13 Backgrounds, 8 Frames and 2 Animations. Participating artists are Mitzi Sato-Wuiff, Joanna Bromley, Kim Turner, Jenny Heidewald, Lisa Cree and me.

Easter Eggstravaganza scrapkit available at

I did have some trouble with this kit since I recently upgraded from Photoshop 7 to CS5 and it seems that some things got messed up somewhere between the upgrade, the emailing of the art or something. Fortunately, Lisa was super diligent at pointing out the glitches and I could rework the images to make them more suitable. Phew! That was a lot of work!

And of course, I did my own take on the tubes just for fun.

A window into Easter.

Expect a new kit soon!!

St. Patrick’s day collaborative scrapkit

23 02 2012

Because we considered our Valentine’s day Scrapkit a great success and we had a lot of fun doing it, the artists over PSPTubesStop decided that we wanted to go ahead and work on another kit for St. Patrick’s day: Over the Rainbow. The theme is quite evident and we just went ahead and worked hard on getting out a lovely one! It is so cheerful! The preview alone will make you smile! As you might already know I have a big love for Celtic knots and I took upon the task of working mostly on several frames, Lisa made a bunch of backgrounds, Mitzi worked on a lot of elements, Joana gave us two lovely leprechauns. and we all also helped with quality proof and edition.

Over the Rainbow Scrapkit.

Contributing artists are Joanna Bromley, Mitzi Sato Wiuff, Lisa Cree and me. The scrapkit includes 68 Elements, 14 Frames, and 16 Papers, not all elements are shown in the preview, and the price is silly cheap.

We also wanted to give a try to our “when artists make tubes” project and I put this one together using the scrapkit and an image of mine.

St. Patrick's scrapkit put together by me. I never claimed to be good at this! 🙂

Enjoy your scrapbooking and tubing! And remember to enjoy St. Patrick’s responsibly!