Valentine card

5 02 2014

It is a common misconception that Christians hate gays. It is also a common misconception that gays hate Christians. I have a revelation for you, many gays are Christians! Shocking! Actually I happen to know a few very good Christian gay guys. Now, keep this concept in mind for a moment… I will come back to it.

Every year I make my Valentine card with my husband in mind, when the card is not too personal I also offer it to the public in Zazzle. One year I used a quote from 1 Corinthians, which is one of the readings I included in my wedding, a beautiful reading about what love is not, and most importantly what it is. Later that year a friend of mine, Alejandro, married his partner, Chris; In Argentina same sex marriage is legal, and I thought I would love to give him a card for his wedding, most of the cards that are geared to gay people are funny or naughty, there are very few that are tasteful and even less that are Christian. It was with Ale and Chris in mind that I redesigned the card I had made for my husband using the silhouette of two males. I kept the quote, though, because regardless of faith, that quote from 1 Corinthians is beautiful and perfect.


Every year this card sells for Valentine’s day, and it makes me so happy and proud, that I get giddy each time I receive a notification saying that I sold that design. It makes me very happy to think that somewhere some guy browsing through countless tasteless cards finally smiles warmly thinking that this is the perfect one for his partner. Because in this world of loud words and seemingly “them against us” mentality, me and the people that buy it know that Love is Truth, and Jesus was all about that.

Joyful Penguins, Christmas card 2012

14 11 2012

This year, thank you to being part of the wonderful PSP Tube Stop team I am aware of the holidays before the happen. I am normally so busy and involved into whatever is going on with my life that suddenly I look at the calendar and thin “Hey, it is already Valentine’s day next week!?” Christmas is very different and I normally start preparing and thinking of friend’s and family’s presents in November, but I get so much into it that I end up thinking “I should make a card!… oh, wait, that would leave me ten days to design it, post it up and… forget about it” so I never post anything for sale.

However, this year I have been herded over and again through the months with the ideas of making kits and submitting our seasonal work two months before the holiday itself. The Christmas kit for this year is just lovely and the palette very calm and relaxing (just wait until you see it!) and I decided to work on my Christmas cards inspired by it. So here it is! The Joyful Penguins are ready to say Merry Christmas!

Joyful penguins for this seasons!

This is available through DeviantArt, Zazzle, and in a few days there will be available as postcards through me.

Digistamps of my art in Printabubble

27 10 2012

So, remember that I was talking about something I was waiting for to go through? Well, it did! I am licensing my work to Printabubble, a digital stamp company.

“But, what is a digistamp?” you may ask. That is a good question. A digistamp is a digital outline of artwork that can be used to “stamp” an image in a piece of paper (i.e. print it) for personal use. You can then use this for coloring pages, making postcards, scrapbooking, etc. You can choose to paint it digitally or traditionally, doing a collage, adding glitter, special effects, etc. Your imagination is the limit.

Chamaness (c) Constanza Ehrenhaus

So you know, my work is being offered for you to play with it! Go by, have fun, and please show me your end product! I always like to see different interpretations on the same topic!

Halloween Kit: Nevermore

27 09 2012

At PSP Tube Stop we are always thinking of ways to give the best to our costumers. Lisa was thinking and squeezing her brains screaming “Enough of orange and purple! This is supposed to be a ‘scary’ thing!” when she came up with a Gothic theme for this Halloween’s kit. The palette was inspired on this piece:

By W.D. Noble

So off we went to work on this creepy scrapkit including tombs, witches, Gothic frames, creepy trees and scary backgrounds.

As an anecdote, this time around Lisa was going through some difficult times so she trusted me the honor of taking care of this one. I have to say I have a new found respect for Lisa’s work, it is difficult, time consuming and mentally taxing to be the person in charge of coordinating artists, editing their work, tubing, changing colors and pushing to meet the deadline in a nice manner. She is an awesome person for many reasons, and now I get a glimpse into what a hard worker she is, given that she is the one taking care of all this in a regular fashion. Lisa, you are wonderful!

And so, without further ado I’ll leave you with this beautiful scrapkit:



This scrapkit comes with 15 backgrounds, 13 frames, and 37 objects. Contributing artists are Constanza Ehrenhaus, Katerina Koukiotis, Jenny Heidewald and Lisa Cree.

St. Patrick’s day collaborative scrapkit

23 02 2012

Because we considered our Valentine’s day Scrapkit a great success and we had a lot of fun doing it, the artists over PSPTubesStop decided that we wanted to go ahead and work on another kit for St. Patrick’s day: Over the Rainbow. The theme is quite evident and we just went ahead and worked hard on getting out a lovely one! It is so cheerful! The preview alone will make you smile! As you might already know I have a big love for Celtic knots and I took upon the task of working mostly on several frames, Lisa made a bunch of backgrounds, Mitzi worked on a lot of elements, Joana gave us two lovely leprechauns. and we all also helped with quality proof and edition.

Over the Rainbow Scrapkit.

Contributing artists are Joanna Bromley, Mitzi Sato Wiuff, Lisa Cree and me. The scrapkit includes 68 Elements, 14 Frames, and 16 Papers, not all elements are shown in the preview, and the price is silly cheap.

We also wanted to give a try to our “when artists make tubes” project and I put this one together using the scrapkit and an image of mine.

St. Patrick's scrapkit put together by me. I never claimed to be good at this! 🙂

Enjoy your scrapbooking and tubing! And remember to enjoy St. Patrick’s responsibly!

My art licensed for tubes at PSP Tubes Stop!

11 12 2011

Hi there!

Some time ago I told to myself that I was not going to license my art for tubes. Why do that? Why put your art at risk when it is perfectly safe with the copyright label screaming “don’t reuse me!!”?  Well, yeah… I am doing that right now :) Soon you should be able to find my art in Lisa Cree’s PSP Tubes Stop page. Thing is, I really trust Lisa. She is a friend and she is a very hard-working woman. I trust she will not take my work and rape me with commission prices or redistribute it illegally… or unethically. There are other great artist friends there now, as Jenny Heidewald and Katerina Koukiotis, and I will be happy to share that space with them.

For some time now I have been wanting to diversify a bit and make some income from items not as expensive as commissions but with a more constant flow, and when Lisa contacted me and sent me the contract to review it made sense to give it a try. So, soon my art will be available as a resource for people who feel that they cannot draw themselves but that want to do the right thing and reward the artist for their work instead of ripping it off of the internet, and I respect that so much!

I also wanted to let you all know that Lisa will have two new and unpublished pieces in PSP Tubes Stop, I will publish them later here, but for right now, I am giving her that privilege! If you are curious, go take a look!

I miss you all, I am working hard in some commissions that I cannot show yet, but I am dying to showcase. Till then not much around here!

Take care!!!