A Weekend in Paris: collaborative scrapkit

28 01 2012

Toulouse-Lautrec's ouvre was the inspiration for this kit.

Last week Lisa Cree approached the artists at PSP TubeStop and asked who wanted to work in a collaborative effort to make a scrapkit, the deadline was tight, but we needed to get it done in time for Valentine’s. I decided to give it a try, I had never worked on making elements and I really wanted to be part of this. The theme was “A Weekend in Paris” and the palette, elements and style were inspired by Toulouse-Lautrec’s oeuvre, especially those with a high red/yellow/black theme. So off we went and in less than a week this awesome kit was put together!

The kit was made by Joanna Bromley, Mitzi Sato Wiuff, Kim Turner, Katerina Koukiotis, Lisa Cree and me, and it includes 64 Elements, 25 Frames, and 15 Papers. It includes hats, corsets, black cats, the tour Eiffel, a table for two, and many other things that make a romantic and unique set, different from just bows and hearts. The kit is valued at $3.50 (not all elements are shown in the preview).

I feel honored to have worked together with such a wonderful and talented bunch of artists, their work rocks and raises the bar for my future efforts! I thought that making “elements”

Weekend in Paris kit preview

would be easier than it was, and I have learned some things by working on this and seeing the work progresses of other artists. If I had to do it again, I would do a lot of things differently and I hope I have the chance to practice some more in the future.

In the meanwhile I have accepted the challenge to make a tube with this kit, just for the fun of it and to see how hard it really is to make tubes, which I have never done 🙂 The great thing of this kit is that it has so many elements and so different that you really could use it in itself to make a piece, no need to get a “main figure”!

If any of you does make a tube from this, me and the other artists would love to see it! Don’t forget that you can find us in Facebook too! You can always upload your work to the group for all of us to enjoy! 🙂

My year in review and where is my work going

23 01 2012

Last year was the year of low production. I got very few commissions but also didn’t seek for any. I was pregnant, exhausted during the first trimester, throwing up twice a day if I was having a good day and barely able to sit at the computer for more than a few minutes. My clients were just wonderful and patient, very kind and understanding and put up with all this. Come January and I found out that I had a placental condition that sent me to the hospital twice, it was really scary! Since I was put in “house arrest” I could focus on my art a bit more, the stressful circumstances were better because of artwork, at least I had something to do! 🙂 But then Ignacio was born and eight months later we still are not sleeping much! He started sleeping more than an hour at a time over the holidays, so that is great. Some days I actually have a few functional neurons that can get to do something.

Sea Goddess, unfinished (c) Constanza Ehrenhaus 2011

Last year was really a dry year for me and my art (you can also see the lack of blog updates!). The lack of sleep affected how much I actually wanted to work, or how much I could tolerate it, really. Plus the lack of sleep implies that the baby is not sleeping so he is needing me, leaving close to no time for art. However, I think I have improved some. I keep working hard in improving values, composition and have a more interesting palette, I also am trying to improve anatomy and skin tones, and have interesting backgrounds too (as in, look, there actually is a background!).

This year I really want to put more time into my work. Ignacio is sleeping rather well (when he is not teething) up until midnight, so I can fit in a couple of hours of work each evening, I would love to consistently take advantage of them. Also I would like to expand my rather lonely Zazzle store, and I have signed a contract to license my work to PSP TubeStop, I wouldn’t mind having a small but predictable income from smaller venues like those. It would be great to take up on some commission work too, but I have so little time that I feel I need to get paid more than what I was asking for, especially since my time with my husband has become precious, if I am going to take time away from him and my baby, it should be better paid. One more thing I would love to do is to work really hard to help one or two charities I have in mind, I would love to have a sort of ongoing art for charity thing going on, where I could sell or auction my work and donate all the proceedings to them… in that case I don’t mind to work for free, it is my way of thanking God for my life to be blessed with health and love.

Here is a toast to 2012 and the year of the Dragon! I hope it is a wonderful one for all of you!

Interview at Artist Corner

22 01 2012

Sarah, from Artist Corner, interviewed me recently and the interview is already published here!

So thrilled! 🙂 I am normally the one asking questions, so this was a nice change!

Valentine’s card 2012

19 01 2012

I always get caught off guard for all the holidays. I realize about them about one week before (or less!) So this year I really am trying to keep up with them and release images and products before hand.

One of the challenges I always face is “What do I draw!?” so this year I just faced it differently: If I was to give a card to the love of my life, what would it be? And this is what I would give him, and this is what it would say:

This year's Valentine's card.

Both my husband and I can be really goofy, but we also have this deep serious vein, and I liked this more sober approach. Inside the card there is a fragment of one of the readings from our wedding: 1 Corinthians, which is lovely and powerful.

This card is up for sale in my zazzle store, so if you like it you can buy it!

Tube Giveaway in PSP TubesStop

18 01 2012

Some of my tubes that are up for the giveaway!

Lisa and the artists are just go go go go go at PSP TubeStop! And all about keeping this site growing! Expect great news from me in the near future (hint: one of them includes an amazing scrapkit designed especially for V day by all of us!)

In the meanwhile you can win a free tube by me! Just vote for your favourite tube, which one would be the one of your choice by commenting in our Facebook page and a winner will be selected randomly! Head over there and let the fun begin!