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11 07 2009
10 09 2009
Pierre Carlès

Hi Coty.

I just discovered your website tonight. I must say I am VERY impressed. On which platform did you build it ? It is very professional.
Keep up the good work,
Be well,


10 09 2009

Hey Pierre!
You absolutely overestimate my computer skills, and most importantly my time allowance! I did not actually build it, the blog is basically programmed for you and you just put things in it. It works almost like anything microsoft. I do know some coding, but it is very basic and mostly text formatting, but that is it.
I actually started a blog because I was too busy to get a pageweb, and blogs are free, and once you choose your design all the formatting is there.
Hope to see you around soon!

23 03 2012


1 04 2012
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2 02 2014
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