I am featured in Amazing Events :)

26 01 2009

Hi there!

I wanted to let yo know that my art has been featured in Amazing Events #1, the magazine published by Fantasyana. I have the great and *I feel* undeserved honor to be featured between big names such as Henning, Andy Jones and so many others! The magazine can be downloaded as a preview low res pdf, and if you like what you see you can either purchase it as a high res pdf or a hard copy through Lulu.

Sacred themed stain glass

Sacred themed stain glass

Besides that in the next issue Amazing Events #2 I will be publishing a tutorial on how to do stained glass-like art using Holy Cow as a walk through. The tutorial is unpublished, so those purchasing the magazine will have it Before anybody else 😉

If you are interested in keeping up to date with Amazing Events, you might want to follow Case in DeviantArt.

Besides that, Holy Cow will be featured in the February EMG-zine, which theme is “humor”, so go check it out and at least you will have a smile 😉



Queria decirles que mi arte ha sido publicado en Amazing Events #1, la revista de Fantasyana. Tengo el grandísimo (e inmerecido) honor de estar lado a lado con nombres como Henning, Andy Jones y muchos otros! La revista se puede bajar como un pdf de baja resolución, y si te gusta lo que ves se puede comprar el pdf de alta resolución o se puede comprar por Lulu una copia en papel.

Además, en el próximo número, Amazing Events Nº2 voy a esatr publicando un instructivo de cómo hacer arte simil vitral usando la Vaca Sagrada como en un paso a paso. El instructivo es inédito, así que los que compren la revista lo tendrán antes que nadie.

Si estás interesado en manternete al tanto de Amazing Events, podés seguir a Case en DeviantArt.

Are the tools important?

5 01 2009

There seems to be an eternal argument about tools being important int he creating of good art, and let’s not get into the (in my opinion meaningless) argument about digital versus traditional art. Are the tools important for the creation of quality art? Will the good tools make me a good artist? Maybe, maybe not. I think that good tools can help improve the learning process, or facilitate it, but they will not make anybody a good artist. You become a good artist by putting time and effort into learning.

Black Mermaid (mouse)

Black Mermaid (mouse)

Since my dear husband gave me a tablet as a graduation present, and since I could actually start using it in June 2008, I feel that my art has improved a lot. Before I was working with a mouse. Sure, I did learn a lot, but I found myself going towards cell shading a lot, not only because I do like the style, but also because the work of painting with the mouse was really hard on my wrist. It is doable! I think my best work with mouse was the Black Mermaid, but it was a terribly time consuming process and strokes were less fluid.

My first work with tablet was Delvyn. She was completely done in Photoshop, and it was very well received, everybody liked her and I think it started a process of experimentation in my artwork.

Delvyn (first work wih tablet)

Delvyn (first work wih tablet)

The fact that you can use the tablet’s pen as a traditional brush helped me in playing more with colors and blends. Which ultimately brought me to where I am now and I hope to keep improving.

But I mainly believe that a good product is achieved only by the mastery of a good artist. There are no magic tools, the computer does not do it for you, you do it yourself through the application of hard work and study.

There is an anecdote that tells how Bellini asked Albrecht Durer to show him which paintbrushes he used to do hair, since his painted hair was nearly perfect. Durer did so and to Bellini’s surprise they both were using the same brushes. In front of Bellini Durer painted some hair. Bellini asked him if the bristles were separated in a special way, to what Durer answered that he was only using a form of symmetry. Thus being reduced to the masterful technique that the artists had so hardly studied during his stay in Italy.

I would love to hear your opinions.