These are tattoos I have designed. If you want a custom made tattoo, please contact me and we can discuss options.

Many of the tattoos displayed here are for free personal use as tattoos (non-commercial),  if you want one you have to read and accept the rules.Please, respect those that have been paid commissions by someone that wanted a unique tattoo. Do not use those that are not freebies. Thank you.

The rules:

1-Ask! Please, before anything ask. Some pieces might be especially designed for somebody and they might not want everybody with that tattoo on them. Ask to be safe, and to be polite.

2- If I say yes, remember: I made the design, it is copyrighted to me, and I allow it to be used for free. You cannot redistribute nor commercialize it in any form.

3- Do not give it away to the tattoo artist, keep the design with yourself, and bring the stencil with yourself. Since I do not make money from it, I do not want anybody else to do so.

4- Always credit me.

5- Send me a pic, I love to see what people do with my art.

16 responses

11 07 2009
14 09 2010

Hello Constanza !

Amazing website… I fell in love with your work..especially with the crow triskele… maybe i would ask rule 1 hihi!! But i wanna know what this piece means for you..

Thanks !


15 09 2010

Hi Jonathan, I am glad you like my designs!

This piece can have many interpretations, but for me it is the sacred number of three, the infinity in the simple knotwork and the crows representing the soul’s passage to a more transcendent state.

What does it mean to you? 🙂

24 09 2010

Really peaceful for me.. I see dove instead of crows.. the symbiose of mind, heart and soul (number 3) going toward this passage you’re talking..

16 10 2010
Pablo Delgado

Hi, is really good to find celtic art that is still surprising, your infinity lotus and the celtic german cross are my favorites.
By the way, wich of all of them can be used freely and which are not to be used.
The point is that I am not goig to take them without your permission as you are pretty hones and clear and I liked that.

If I need your assistance to create a personal tatoo how can we do it?

Best wishes!

17 10 2010

Hola Pablo,
Si queres los dos “Infinity Lotus” y “German Cross” son gratis, lo mismo que “Crow Triskele” y “Wolf Pentagram”. Los otros son comisiones asi que han sido comrados por el cliente.
Si quisieras un tatuaje personal, mi direccion de mail es faerywitchart(arroba)yahoo.com
Muchisimas gracias por preguntar!

6 12 2010
Rayne B.

Hi I was wondering if you could design something for me. Please email me so we can talk about it. Thanks.

I love love LOVE your designs by the way. EXTREMELY beautiful.


26 12 2010

Sent you an email.

5 02 2011

Hi Fary I wonder if can possible use your designed Goddess or if possible can you create 1 for me I really love you concept Hope to get a response from you. Thanks and again

6 02 2011

Hi there, I must ask you not to use the Goddess tattoo since it was custom made for a client that wanted it to be exclusive and she paid accordingly. I can however, work with you to create a tattoo for you.

13 03 2012

hey i was wondering how much it would cost to have you do a design for me. Im digging the art nouveau and trying to get a tattoo, but nothing is jumping out at me. I like Mucha’s style and would love to discuss getting a design.

12 08 2012

Hi EH,
The price highly depends on what you want, but the base price is $50-60. Please email me to faerywitchart@yahoo.com and we can discuss what you would like to have.

13 05 2013

I love the Wolf Triskele Pentagram!!!!!!!!!! It’s so beatifull! congrats! I want to get a tattoo as well, if you let me 😀


20 08 2013
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20 08 2013
A nice outcome | Faerywitch World.

[…] a mail did follow up, very honestly expressing their disappointment at not being allowed to use the Crow Triskele for free but willing to hear about me working for them. Soon we were going back and forth about […]

27 08 2013
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