When artists come together

12 11 2011

If you are like most people I am sure that you have heard multiple times how artists are snobs that love to tear each other apart because of their highly sensitive and irritable nature and their need to compete. If, on the contrary, you are an artist, you probably have the luck to know of the great solidarity and collaboration that defines the artistic world.

Artists Nora Blansett has a dear chihuahua, Pixie, who is in need of surgery to remove cancerous tumors. Because the economy is rough the surgery is not possible at the moment so she reached out by putting up for auction several of her pieces and crafts. This generated an incredible response from the art community, people started to donate their own pieces to Save Pixie prompted by the ever generous Lisa Cree. So, if you are in search of art, crafts, prints, holiday cards, one of a kind jewelry, etc. pass by the Facebook auction and consider buying something original, unique and know it will make someone and her dog very, very happy.

Abortion in Argentina, the mermaid violated.

5 11 2011

Before going further… This post is related to abortion but it is not actually about abortion, it is about copyright infringement. So, please, let’s keep things art-centered. Thanks!

Argentinean politicians are trying to make abortion legal. So far it is only legal under certain circumstances, but there is a push for making it legal and free for all. Because the law is being treated right now I went to check the news and browsed until I got to their blog… and I found this:

Banner for legalization of abortion in Argentina. Seriously...?

Now, is there any need for me to mention that this is the Starbucks Mermaid? This looks like someone liked Starbucks’ logo, I and slapped arms and very clumsily hips, then copied and pasted and voila! Insta-banner! f you are not familiar with the Starbucks logo, here it is for you:

The new (and more modest) Starbucks mermaid.

I was rather dismayed… or maybe I should not have been. After all, the whole abortion issue is a mess because Argentina has signed the Pacto de San Jose de Costa Rica, in which the adhering countries are committed to defend life from conception. And I am not giving my opinion on abortion yay or nay¬† (this is not the right place) but there is a right way of doing things and that is to *first* rectify this situation and opt out of the pact, then you can have a law for abortion. As it stands, if this law is passed it will be non constitutional because international agreements are above national laws.
Why do I mention this? Because if they so nonchalantly violate an international agreement… why not another one? Argentina *is* part of the Berne Convention, which protects artistic works.

If I was Starbucks, or any business, I would be dismayed to find the logo of my company used for such a controversial cause, especially in a country that is mostly Catholic.


A message to the abortion project campaign was not immediately returned, but I really am eager to know what they have to say.