St. Patrick’s day collaborative scrapkit

23 02 2012

Because we considered our Valentine’s day Scrapkit a great success and we had a lot of fun doing it, the artists over PSPTubesStop decided that we wanted to go ahead and work on another kit for St. Patrick’s day: Over the Rainbow. The theme is quite evident and we just went ahead and worked hard on getting out a lovely one! It is so cheerful! The preview alone will make you smile! As you might already know I have a big love for Celtic knots and I took upon the task of working mostly on several frames, Lisa made a bunch of backgrounds, Mitzi worked on a lot of elements, Joana gave us two lovely leprechauns. and we all also helped with quality proof and edition.

Over the Rainbow Scrapkit.

Contributing artists are Joanna Bromley, Mitzi Sato Wiuff, Lisa Cree and me. The scrapkit includes 68 Elements, 14 Frames, and 16 Papers, not all elements are shown in the preview, and the price is silly cheap.

We also wanted to give a try to our “when artists make tubes” project and I put this one together using the scrapkit and an image of mine.

St. Patrick's scrapkit put together by me. I never claimed to be good at this! 🙂

Enjoy your scrapbooking and tubing! And remember to enjoy St. Patrick’s responsibly!

Sketch of the day(s): goldfish in spider web!

12 08 2011

Creepy! Goldfis in cobweb (c) Constanza Ehrenhaus 2011

Representing a dream that someone else had, the imagery was too strong as to be ignored!

I did this during little spare moments here and there. I cannot believe it took me so long to finish! And it is just a sketch!

But you know what? Having taken circa 3 months off, I feel a little rusty, but I feel a lot of things sedimented while I was not drawing and make more sense now!

My most important project.

2 07 2011

My first child, Ignacio, chillin' in a basket 🙂

Ignacio was born on May 9th. He is my biggest and most important work in progress. Since we are still not sleeping at night I have all the other projects on hold.

Please, stay tuned, though, I will be back soon with awesome art that is in the finishing stages!

Much love,



Giveway results!

3 05 2011

And thank you all that entered the giveaway! The winner is Cathy Holford! Thank you for joining! Cathy will be receiving an original signed sketch. If you are reading this, Cathy, please contact me, I do not have your email :/

Baby will be here next week! So stay tuned for some more fun in the following weeks, while I am a little too not available to art or blog because of recovery from my upcoming delivery!

Pittsburgh Comicon

26 04 2010

I am considering doing conventions next year, set up a table and try to sell/show some of my art. So I decided that this year will be the year of scouting. With that in mind I headed to Pittsburgh Comicon, that takes place in the Convention Center of Monroeville.

Pittsburgh Comicon at Monroeville

Pittsburgh Comicon at Monroeville

I went on Saturday afternoon and I found that there were not a lot of people, maybe the most will gather on Sunday when the costume contest is? But there was a constant flow of people never the less. There were a lot of comic vendors and a decent amount of artists, most of them comic artists, obviously, and a couple of fantasy artists. I was a little disappointed to see that there is a general trend to vulgar slutty-almost porn in art. Really, you can have super sexy without spread legs. But there was an overabundance of that, so I guess it sells. I discovered artist Tom Fleming and I was instantly in love with his fine art! It was a little bit like Klimt meets Art Nouveau and I loved it! I just wished I had more money, because I had to settle for his new book, but how I wanted to buy his art instead!

I also did not see a lot of money flow, but the economy has been really harsh. I talked to one artist though and he said that he was doing pretty good in the comic cons, so he could not complain. What did make a lot of money were the charity raffle and the charity auction.

The charity raffle was fun, the artists gathered all in a room and people started to shout suggestions for them to draw. They sketched quickly and after a bunch of sketches were made people bought tickets and the sketches were raffled. There was a very joyful environment and the convention gathered over US$1600.

The charity auction was to benefit Make a Wish. It was touching to see all those artists donating their time and effort to gather money for a good cause. The art quality was awesome in general and I wished I had money! Oh, some of the works were to die for! People were super generous in the auction and over $16K were gathered to help fulfill children’s wishes. It was awesome. As a Make a Wish volunteer I was very touched by it.

Awesome! Lego Spiderman!

What I enjoyed the most was the super friendly, almost familial environment of the con. There was a very relaxed atmosphere, the artists were with their families, there were teens but also a lot of adults, it was really nice. Plus the convention gives you everything you need to exhibit: your table and table cloth, a banner, you just bring the stuff and set it up. The price is $125 for 3 days. Not bad, right? So I really think next year I will be joining them 🙂

Have you gone to conventions as an artist? Is there any advice you can give? Any insight?

The Making of Lotus Godess

4 03 2010

Print giveaway results!

23 08 2009

So Roll Drums!!!!


The print giveaway is over and I am drawing the winners as I type.

The first one is Jina (Pooky) who asked for Gallantry!

The second, chosen by Sebastian (my cat) goes for InpuUpUaut! who wanted Oriental Dragon or dancing with the Stars…. and the fact that Sebastian chose him cannot be just a coincidence!

And Briar chose the 3rd prize, that goes to Erika Harm!! who did not choose any print. So Erika, if you are reading me, please let me know what you want :)

For Eden, Prophet of the Bubbles, or Bleeding Hearts, or Creide.

And last but not least, IQXS! who wanted Oriental Dragon or Creide.

To all of you thank you for playing! And please, contact me giving me an address to where I can ship.