A nice little reward! :)

8 10 2010

Earlier this year I decided that it was time to take the scary step of start to participate in real contests, not the fun friendly ones thrown by friends, but real ones posed by unknown people. This way I can challenge myself and start measuring me against others, something I don’t do enough!

Last weekend I went to a work retreat, that is they put us in a secluded place in the middle of the woods, next to a lake. Sounds nice, right? And it is, but you also keep a very intense work regime, getting up at 7 (as late) to breakfast and then go to the talks that are scheduled and the rest of the activities for the weekend (work-related, of course). So I was rather dead when I came back and it is taking me a while to get into the art world again.


The rescue (c) Constanza Ehrenhaus 2010.

I was pleasantly surprised though when I noticed that a piece of mine had won a contest! The contest was held by White Wing Stock et al. and the theme was “sexy mermaids and puffy pirates”. I did have a great time working on the piece and though I think I could have pushed it further, paid commissions got in the way and took priority, so I had to set a limit on how much I wanted to fiddle with it.


The stock I used can be seen here and here. I learned much through this piece and I am very satisfied with it, since it has a nice setting and characters interacting! As you can notice, I did not use the stock as is, but more as a guideline for pose and anatomy, which is what I usually do.

It is really rewarding to find that I am growing as an artist and that comes accompanied by this little surprises 🙂