Valentine’s card 2012

19 01 2012

I always get caught off guard for all the holidays. I realize about them about one week before (or less!) So this year I really am trying to keep up with them and release images and products before hand.

One of the challenges I always face is “What do I draw!?” so this year I just faced it differently: If I was to give a card to the love of my life, what would it be? And this is what I would give him, and this is what it would say:

This year's Valentine's card.

Both my husband and I can be really goofy, but we also have this deep serious vein, and I liked this more sober approach. Inside the card there is a fragment of one of the readings from our wedding: 1 Corinthians, which is lovely and powerful.

This card is up for sale in my zazzle store, so if you like it you can buy it!