Tattoo design: Lotus Triskele

3 06 2014
Lotus Triskele is an exclussive custom design for my client, please do not use for yourself.

Lotus Triskele is an exclusive custom design for my client, please do not use for yourself.

I really like how this one came out. I don’t have much to say, except that Lisa wanted something elegant and not clunky, and that we both were excited about the mock 3-D look when I tested it on one of the sketches. Can’t wait to see a photo of the real thing!

Tattoo design: The Salmon of Knowledge

21 09 2012

It has been a while since I’ve had the energy for doing art. My first trimester of pregnancy is exhausting and a toddler at home, as good and sweet and well behaved as he is, also demands a lot of attention, so it is just now that I can sit and draw some. Because I am not still 100% back (will I ever?) I decided to dig up some sketches for tattoos I’ve made in the past that never made it to the final stages, I chose one that I really liked and started tweaking until I got the design nailed.

So here it is my Salmon of Knowledge. I like it a lot because of the way it flows, because of the symbols included, and because I really like the legend.

Constanza Ehrenhaus (c) 2012

The salmon of Knowledge.
Wisdom, eternity, water, flow, dynamic equilibrium.

As I was working on it all the time I could hear in my head the song Listen to the River by Luka Bloom.

New wolf tattoo.

31 03 2010

One of the most flattering experiences for me is to get a commission for a tattoo. The fact that someone liked my art so much that would want a unique piece made by me on their skin, something permanent on them, is the ultimate flattery to me 🙂  I love to try to get in the head of the client, try to see what they want to see. In reading the descriptions of their tattoos, try to read between lines to achieve a deeper understanding about what this tattoo means to them and what elements should be there. Try to capture the essence of the image. Not surprisingly I really like to work with symbolic tattoos, a little on the spiritual side, a little on the Goddess side.

I’ve had some very nice experiences designing tattoos, a girl wanted her first tattoo for her 18th birthday, another lady wanted a tattoo to symbolize important moments in her life, her struggles. Isn’t it neat? to be

Wolf Triskele Pentagram. Constanza Ehrenhaus (c) 2010.

able to form something unique to mark those important landmarks for people? Some people would not think working on commission is so nice, but I find the challenge of pleasing the client absolutely exhilarating. Of course, to be fair, I have always had really good clients, I know some people can get heavy, but I have not had a bad experience yet 🙂 I love my job!

So let me introduce you my last design, which you can see in the gallery it is a wolf triskele, a little present for the wolf lovers out there. It is free, but if you want it certain rules have to be followed.

Stay tuned, since I will have a few designs coming this way as the clients allow me to upload them 🙂