Tattoo design: Lotus Triskele

3 06 2014
Lotus Triskele is an exclussive custom design for my client, please do not use for yourself.

Lotus Triskele is an exclusive custom design for my client, please do not use for yourself.

I really like how this one came out. I don’t have much to say, except that Lisa wanted something elegant and not clunky, and that we both were excited about the mock 3-D look when I tested it on one of the sketches. Can’t wait to see a photo of the real thing!

Book Review: Tattoo, from idea to ink. By Joy Surles.

8 07 2010

From time to time I design tattoos, an activity that¬† I enjoy greatly, but I have never done any study on that topic, so I decided to buy some books on it.¬† I found Tattoo, from Idea to Ink, “Tattoo, from Idea to Ink, is an indispensable resource for tattoo artists and enthusiasts alike.” Or so the review reads. Truth is that it is not a resource for artists. It is a lovely book with beautiful images from different master tattooists from around the US mainly, but there is little about the designing.

Even when the book claims constantly that they focus on the process of the tattoo from its conception, they basically just ask the artists how they approach the design getting a generic “I use a lot of reference” as an answer each time. It is a good reference if you are planning to get tattoos, since the book covers hygiene, safety, and what you should look for in a tattoo artist.

I did like a lot the interviews the author includes in each chapter, and the extensive collection of images she shows. But unfortunately the book is not what it claims to be and it is mostly aimed to tattoo collectors.

Is there any tattoo book you could recommend me? I am in the search right now.