My year in review and where is my work going

23 01 2012

Last year was the year of low production. I got very few commissions but also didn’t seek for any. I was pregnant, exhausted during the first trimester, throwing up twice a day if I was having a good day and barely able to sit at the computer for more than a few minutes. My clients were just wonderful and patient, very kind and understanding and put up with all this. Come January and I found out that I had a placental condition that sent me to the hospital twice, it was really scary! Since I was put in “house arrest” I could focus on my art a bit more, the stressful circumstances were better because of artwork, at least I had something to do! 🙂 But then Ignacio was born and eight months later we still are not sleeping much! He started sleeping more than an hour at a time over the holidays, so that is great. Some days I actually have a few functional neurons that can get to do something.

Sea Goddess, unfinished (c) Constanza Ehrenhaus 2011

Last year was really a dry year for me and my art (you can also see the lack of blog updates!). The lack of sleep affected how much I actually wanted to work, or how much I could tolerate it, really. Plus the lack of sleep implies that the baby is not sleeping so he is needing me, leaving close to no time for art. However, I think I have improved some. I keep working hard in improving values, composition and have a more interesting palette, I also am trying to improve anatomy and skin tones, and have interesting backgrounds too (as in, look, there actually is a background!).

This year I really want to put more time into my work. Ignacio is sleeping rather well (when he is not teething) up until midnight, so I can fit in a couple of hours of work each evening, I would love to consistently take advantage of them. Also I would like to expand my rather lonely Zazzle store, and I have signed a contract to license my work to PSP TubeStop, I wouldn’t mind having a small but predictable income from smaller venues like those. It would be great to take up on some commission work too, but I have so little time that I feel I need to get paid more than what I was asking for, especially since my time with my husband has become precious, if I am going to take time away from him and my baby, it should be better paid. One more thing I would love to do is to work really hard to help one or two charities I have in mind, I would love to have a sort of ongoing art for charity thing going on, where I could sell or auction my work and donate all the proceedings to them… in that case I don’t mind to work for free, it is my way of thanking God for my life to be blessed with health and love.

Here is a toast to 2012 and the year of the Dragon! I hope it is a wonderful one for all of you!

Wonderful 2010 Calendars

10 12 2009

My last post Great Holiday Cards showcased some of the cards that I found fascinating while browsing friends’ websites. I hope you liked them too and considered purchasing some 😉

If you are in search of some great calendars to decorate your walls while keeping track of the days and possible activities, please take a look at these unique calendars.

Time of the Faeries by Joseph Corsentino

Joseph takes photographs of beautiful models and transforms them into fantastic urban stories of faeries, angels and vampires. A great option for the urban fantasy lover!

Artist friend Angela Sasser has released a calendar with some of her classic

2010 Calendar by Angela Sasser

illustrations of these last couple of years.  This is an interesting assortment of angels, belly dancers and warriors.

Irene is selling this absolutely adorable kitty calendar! She has done all the shots herself and it is just super cute. Perfect for the cat lovers out there!

Kitty Calendar by Irene Zeleskou

A calendar that I found especially fascinating was the Mandala Calendar, by Valerie Hartley. It shows several

Mandala Calendar by Valery Hartley

colorful mandalas, creatively constructed to fit each month and season. Go take a look at it!

If you are into feminine beautiful faeries, your cup of tea will probably be

2010 Calendar by Meredith Dillman

Meredith’s calendar. Her stunning watercolors are full of beauty and legend.

Ellen Million Graphics is selling calendars for the upcoming year too. One of them featuring wonderful mermaids, fairies and more by artist Rachel Anderson and the other one about fantasy frogs by artist Ursula Vernon. If you know Ursula’s work, you know it will be a year full of humorous images!

If you still need to buy some presents for friends and family, make sure to consider these artists, the calendars will be a terrific way for them to have you present through the year. I will now go and browse them some more… so, which one is your favourite? 🙂

Enchantment and fantasy by Rachel Anderson

Tadpoles we have known by Ursula Vernon.