Children portraits

18 10 2013

I’ve never been a fan of just portraits, I like art that has a twist to it, a bit of fantasy, a lot of beauty… but I have to admit that I am working on portraits at the moment, and I am enjoying myself so much!
It all started when I was thinking of what to give my mom for mother’s day (in Argentina we celebrate it in October) and since it is usually a struggle to find her a present followed by a fight (you needn’t buy anything, don’t spend money…! etc.) I thought that giving her a portrait of her grandsons would be a better idea than buying her something. I am not very confident in my realism skills, especially working traditional, so I went for something a little unusual, a bit modern. I liked them so much that I made a set for my mother in law, and then an idea started to form in my head.

Portraits of my boys that I made for my mother.

Portraits of my boys that I made for my mother (I really need to learn to photograph art).

I actually had missed doing traditional art, and here I was working on paper, with a brush, with pigment (for me traditional art is a sensuous experience), actually relaxing while working; and I thought that every mom should have a portrait of her children if she so wants. I worked out a fast and easy technique so I could offer this kind of art for a very affordable fee in my neighbourhood (anybody that saves me the stress of shipping art gets a discounted rate from me!), suggesting it to be purchased as a present for grandparents who say that they have it all already, and it was a hit. A lot of moms asked for portraits, some of them multiple copies to give to grandparents and keep one for themselves, one of them even left a special empty spot in a photo wall she was making to hang her son’s portrait! They started thanking me for providing “such a great service”! I have very few times felt so loved as an artist as in the last two weeks.

This is being a great experience for me as an artist, I love sitting with my tools, drawing, painting, and thinking that one happy mother is waiting for a portrait of her child that I will have the honor to paint.

I still have slots for these to be ready for Christmas, so if you are thinking of commissioning one, please drop me a line, I will be happy to talk with you about it.

Northern Lights, a Christmas scrapkit

6 12 2012

This has been a busy year for the artists at PSP Tubes Stop and we have worked together in our last scrapkit of the year, let me introduce you to a lovely Holidays scrapkit with a mild and serene palette in lilac, lavender and blue.

Northern Lights scrapkit

Northern Lights scrapkit

This is a collaborative effort by Jenny Heidewald, Lynn Chua, Joanna Bromley, Lisa Cree and me 🙂 This Scrapkit comes with 65 Objects, 23 frames, and 17 backgrounds. That is huge!!

With this, we say goodbye to a lovely year of working together and hard, and we will now take a little break to be with our families, but expect more for next year! The kits kept getting better as this year went by, so I expect a lot of great quality products soon to come!

Oh, and since you are at it, my joyful penguins were made specifically to fit this palette, so purchasing both the kit and the penguins tube would make for a delightful tag!

Joyful Penguins, tubed.

Embellished postcards for the seasons

4 12 2012

So, watermark on the middle of the image it is. *sigh!*

You can now order the Joyful Penguins postcard as is or hand embellished. Each embellished card is unique, not two are the same. Contact me if you are interested.

Great holiday cards

3 12 2009

These holidays will be very especial for me since my husband and I will be getting married by church on the 29 of

Holiday card by Christina Kester

December. The wedding planning and travel (we are going to tie the knot in Argentina) are not giving me enough time for art, so I am enjoying other people’s art instead. I have been looking at wonderful Holiday postcards done by excellent artists, and I hope I can bring some ideas to those that are searching for unique postcards that are not your typical Hallmark or Walmart (for the less wealthy of us).

For example, this beautiful postcard that Christina Kester has designed, which is also for sale in her Zazzle store Oh! and she is open for commissions for Christmas presents too! If you are into celtic art and knotwork, I highly recommend Chris, she is excellent at it!

Another beautiful card is the one that Angela Sasser created for this year. Each

December Window by Angela Sasser

year she makes a Holidays card and though she is always good, this year she has surpassed herself. I am crazy about her new design. It is beautiful and elegant too, and… oh, yes, it must be all the knotwork too, I have a thing for knotwork as you might know if you follow my art. Her card is also for sale at multiple e-stores, so make sure to get yourself one if you like!

Also, Sam Hoggs is selling her usual Christmas card this year. All the profits are always donated to the Hospitaller Order of Saint John of God, a group of monks that give hospital services to those that are in need. If you would want to send cards while doing something good by the way, this is your opportunity.

Three Wise Men by Sam Hoggs

I have especially enjoyed Karyn Lewis’ card for this year: “Surfing Santa”, since

Surfing Santa by Karyn Lewis.

in the Southern Hemisphere ( I am form Argentina) Christmas is a very hot season, and often times people gather around a barbeque pit and a swimming pool 🙂

So this card made my day and reminded me of Summer Christmas and New Year. She is selling this card in her numerous stores.

If you have a thing for cute and adorable, maybe Liiga’s penguins will make your perfect card. Her penguins are super cute and hugable, and the message of her Christmas card is uber-sweet, the only thing that matters is your loved ones. And who would not melt for winged penguins?

Penguin Dreams by Liiga Smilshkalne

You can buy this lovely image as a print or postcard here.

And for those that are not into the very traditional, nor cuddly, nor pagan, but enjoy some mischief, the queen of urban wicked and charmingly sexy, Melissa Findley, brings you this peppermint image for this Christmas. This lovely creature in reds and whites can be found in her DA store.

Peppermint swirl by Melissa Findley

I hope you all have enjoyed this feature. If you like what you see, consider buying from these artists, they work hard every day to improve their skills. If you do not want to buy but you do like what you see, please, drop by and tell them so. We artists love when someone likes our art, it would make a great holiday present 🙂