Bryant Street Festival, Pittsburgh

7 06 2010

Today was the 2nd Bryant Street festival, in Highland Park, Pittsburgh. This is a small festival that is put together by the neighbourhood union to bring Bryant Street back to life. Bryant Street was a good commercial street in the past, but I guess it decayed and while it looks abandoned and a little crappy, the neighbourhood could use a nice small commercial area, and the location is great. The street has been slowly picking up during the last two years (as long as I lived in Pit).

Bryant street festival view.

The idea behind the festival is nice and the push is hard, they even bring in bands! This year much more people went and there were also more vendors. Although modest and very small (it is about 1-2 blocks along the street), I think it has potential. The fee for a table is only $20 and even though I did not see a lot of people buying anything but food, I think it would be a good idea to give it a try given that is so cheap and only 5 blocks away from home and the set up would be minimal. I guess the most important thing would be to figure out how to attract people, and how to get them to hang around and spend money. The festival absolutely needs more publicity, but then, it is oriented to the neighbourhood, though I believe we all could benefit from outer people coming in.

While my art would be completely different to what is seen there, that does not mean it would be a good thing. I acknowledge that it might not suit the most conventional neighbourhood mom and dad, but who knows? Next year I want to have a small stock of prints and products, maybe I’ll bring only the more family friendly ones. Perhaps I can also print some line art of my drawings and put some colored pencils out there for kids to stay around and have some fun, maybe that could help parents to want to spend some money?



What do you think about it? What strategies would you implement to attract people? I have never done anything of the like so any advice you could give, I am really eager to listen!