Exotique calls are open!

16 07 2011

Exotique has open their calls for the next issue. I wanted to send something in… and just realized that I have not done that much since last year’s call! This last year was really bad for art! I have some really nice pieces, but they have not yet been published, I guess they can wait till next year :/
Are you sending something?

You are always improving

23 08 2010

More often than not, even as I paint frantically on my Wacom I keep thinking that I am really not as good as I’d like to be, that I will never be Leonardo and that I seem to be going nowhere. This is an easy trap to fall into while we strive for excellency, but it is really not the truth. As long as we keep putting the hours of practice and we keep learning, our art does improve, it is just hard to see when we are in the middle of it, and surrounded by awesome artists that are far superior, and of course, we tend to be our worse critics.

This year I’ll be taking the Leap of Faith and entering Ballistic’s call for Exotique 6. It is frightening and I don’t want to entertain hopes of making it in, but I’ll send some of my work. I am rather busy at the moment finishing up a couple of pieces, so I do not want to go over old pieces to fix them up.  I was surprised when a bunch of people suggested that I should submit Freyja awakening, but given that it has a high visual impact, with the frame of knotwork and flowers, I think they do have a point. However when I went see it again I did not like the skin and hair work. I decided to go super fast over it and try to beautify it a bit, I really should go over all of it, but have not the time at the moment! I put in a few minutes and I was surprised to see the difference! Not only it looks much better now, but also I knocked it down in less than an hour, when it had taken me days two years ago!! :O

Freyja awakens (c) Constanza Ehrenhaus. 2010

So I guess, I am improving after all, I am a better artist and I am going somewhere 🙂