Book Review: Draw and Paint Fantasy Females by Tom Fleming.

18 06 2010

Tom Fleming has worked as a comic artist for years, and he has recently started to explore fine arts with stunning results!

Draw and Paint Fantasy Females by Tom Fleming.

I had the luck of getting to talk to him at Pittsburgh’s Comicon, and I so wanted to buy one of his wonderful canvases! But I cannot afford it yet, and I did not want to leave without something of his, not only because I wanted something his, but also because I wanted to support somehow this great and humble artist. So I had to settle for the economic version of support and bought his new book: Draw and Paint Fantasy Females.

The book covers the basics of doing sexy fantasy females. It goes through basics of anatomy, body and face construction, expressions, pencil and watercolor techniques. It is a basic book, if you are already doing this it probably will not open your eyes to anything unexpected, if you are wanting to get started this is an easy read with understandable directions. The anatomy section is a little brief, but then, this is a very general book, not an anatomy book. There is no mention to composition either, which I find it can either make a piece succeed or ruin it.

I enjoyed very much the tutorials section, Tom walks you through a few pieces that he has done in the past and shows the techniques he uses. Some of them are a little unorthodox and I love it! I really enjoyed taking a look into his personal technique  like the use of white opaque watercolors.

I recommend this book for beginners and for those that would like to have a glimpse into this artist’s techniques. Also you cannot miss some of the photos in the book that show this fit strong armed man posing as a fantasy girl to get references of poses! 😀