Monster Bash 2010

29 06 2010

Busy weekend! As I mentioned before the weekend of 24-27 was quite busy convention-wise  and on Saturday we headed to Monster bash (I skipped one event in Ohio because I was exhausted by Sunday and I wanted no more!).

Monster Bash takes place in Butler, in the Days Inn on route 8. The interest of this convention is exclusively horror, with a special emphasis on old-vintage horror movies. It is the perfect place to find an old and hard to find movie from the ’20s or your unique collectible figurines and meet stars of classic horror films.

Monster Bash 2010-One of the several vendors rooms. (c) Constanza Ehrenhaus 2010

The vendors take over most of the ground floor of the hotel, spread between convention rooms, lobby and dining room. There is a room in which they carry talks and show movies, there is a bar/pub in the hotel that you can go to (win!) but it was so cold!! (Boo!), and there is a little food stand that has a small variety of breakfast, lunch and snacks food. The environment is most definitely familiar, very friendly and pleasant, with people in normal every day clothes having fun reminiscing about old movies, talking to scream queens and waiting to get into the small theater room.

Is Monster Bash right for me? Not at all. Its niche is very well defined and it is narrow: Horror, with emphasis on old horror films. No fantasy in itself at all. Is Monster Bash right for you? Maybe so, if you have a good horror stock. Be warned, though, that there is no artist alley and vendors have to pay $200 to get in. But if you are an artist you might do very well, since I saw very few artists and only one good one.

Things I loved: They pass cereal and milk around in the morning during the first movie. They have a huge cake that they share in the afternoon. They have a priest coming over on Sunday morning (a horror fan himself) to give mass, and it is open to all denominations. They have movies outside at night drive-in style. Bewbies!!! horror-girls show their cleavage! All this makes for a great and fun environment.

Things that could be improved: MOAR room! I understand that the con has been gathering in the same place for a long time and they have a relationship with the hotel but frankly there are more people who can be accommodated comfortably, especially in the theater room. We had to leave without watching the War of the Worlds because there was such a lot of people that we couldn’t fit in the room. It also wouldn’t be a bad idea to separate the talks from the movies instead of having them all in the same room. If there were a couple of things offered at the same time, maybe the crowd would take care of itself and the space problem would be solved.

And just because it is fun, take a look at the trailer they made!