My ART is needed!!

6 08 2013

Hey, I’m in luck! I just received an email!

“Your ART is needed” reads the subject, then it tells me how it is really awesome that I just have to submit my art, no entry fee is required, no work from me is required, their designers will do all the work for me. And it is just so cool, did I mention no entry fee!? But wait… what is that there? oh! I need to buy three copies for the price of $340… oh, I see… ah, and if I want to include more than one piece I have to pay $250 per image. Well, maybe I was not in such luck after all.


That paragraph makes my head hurt.

I always wonder how many people go for this, obviously enough, given the amount of emails I get from these kind of publishers… always assuming they are legit, of course. And I always wonder about the heterogeneity of the volumes, because being totally honest, the mass sent email just goes to about everyone I know. Who (besides the artists submitting, that is) buys this? Because it seems to me that the artwork included is going to be disparate.

Better invest your time and money entering juried competitions, or submitting to books that actually make an attempt to have a theme. And of course, if you ever will spend hundreds in just getting accepted into a book, you better make sure your work will be seen by the people you would like to have paying you, either purchasing your work or hiring you for commissions.




And. Stop. Spamming. Me.

Thank you.



2 responses

6 08 2013
The Mad PirateLeandro

It actually looks like a scam to me !

6 08 2013


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