Trying to make it back to art

8 07 2013

The last six months have been rather quiet in my art life. I had a second son in February and by the end of the year I was pregnant, chasing after a very active 20 something months old, doing art at night, participating in social networking, blogging, doing tubes, and very, very tired. I was also getting ready to give birth physiologically in a VBAC and it required quite a lot of preparation, and most of it emotional (it was a little scary), I realized  that I was too tired to be a good wife to my husband and came to the realization that I needed to reevaluate my activities. I took some time off of the art social networking and focused on some commissions I needed to finish before giving birth, but most importantly I focused on my family and the restructuring that was to come.

Now it is time to go back, I still find it difficult to find the time to do art, with two little kids and not much sleep, but I need it for my sanity and I miss it dearly. I will hopefully be working on a wonderful project with Laura Siadak, which I find fascinating not only because I love her work to bits but because it would be my first real collaboration. I always wanted to do one and I look forward to the exchange of ideas that comes from this kind of work. Expect goodness to follow!

I am also working on a very personal piece that I am hoping to finish soon. It means a lot to me and it helped me transit the last stretch of pregnancy and delivery.

In the meanwhile, let me show you an update of my family 🙂


My new piece of art.

My new piece of art.



2 responses

8 07 2013
Gregory Broussard

Love you!

8 07 2013
The Mad Pirateandro

Felicidades por tu segundo hijo Constanza !!!! Me alegra saber que estas bien y mas que nada que estas contenta y motivada !!!
Saludo !!!!

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