Personal Challenge: Complementary palette.

22 10 2012

My return to drawing is marked by a piece drawn for the Enchanted Visions‘ October theme: Spooky Eyes. This is the first piece I made for the deadline, yay! šŸ˜€

I wanted to keep exploring my Personal Challenge list, and having recently seen a post by Dan dos Santos, and having always been very inspired by the great palettes that Chris Malidore uses, I decided to go for a complementary color scheme. I have to admit that blue/orange is a duo that works really well, and though it’s been overdone, since the theme was centered around eyes and I am mostly into real flesh colored beings, I went for it.

Spooky Eyes (c) Constanza Ehrenhaus 2012

For this project I wanted the eyes to pop a lot, so I used not only the complementary blue to all that orange in the skin and hair, but I also played with the lightness and saturation to make the eyes the focal point, by using a very light blue for the eyes and darker, less saturated oranges for the rest of the image, it is easy to focus on the eyes. One more thing I tried to play with in this image was to use a more textured skin, I’ve been trying to improve my skin tones, which I think I am doing (though there is a long way to go still!) but so fat I’ve never really been happy with the textures of my skin. This time it looks a little better. I think there is a lot to improve and I hope to some day find the delicate balance between subtlety and texture. As my first try with this technique, I guess I’ll have to settle in order not to neglect my other projects.

I might actually revisit the complementary colors topic. I actually envisioned something more eye catching like this, but Chris’s mastery of values is far beyond mine for right now šŸ˜‰

So, how my list is looking like?

Limited (Circe)
Complementary (Spooky Eyes)
Secondary (Enchanted Visions)
Split complementary

Big group of people
one point perspective
two points perspective



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