The provider: A comic

5 07 2012

Brett Rounsaville and Bruno Olivera work together in this comic about a guy with super powers. Unlike most comics about guys with super powers they give a disturbing twist to the story.

Luke Ryan is a single dad who uses his powers to help those in need… given that they have purchased the insurance that he offers through his company. Didn’t pay? you can die (which reminds me of this article). He offers his high price insurance as a way to make ends meet and provide for his little girl. Thing is, he also is becoming a status symbol with clients putting themselves in risk purposely just to show off, and he is drawing criticism for not helping those in need even when that means that their lives will be lost, which makes his sales drop. But what is a single dad with super powers to do?

The artwork is interesting, with a coloring technique that exacerbates the discomfort of the topic by exploiting angles.

Curious? You can go check it out and get the Provider issues in



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