The dance of creation: A series in five Goddesses.

20 02 2012

Some time back I had the immense pleasure of working for these clients in Hawai’i, designing an image to brand their Lemurian Healing institute (you can see the image on the top right). It was with great happiness that I received an email from them earlier last year asking if I would be willing to work some more with them in designing images of four goddesses: Air, Earth, Fire and Water. Having recently been on a honeymoon in Kawai’i I was eager to draw something using the inspiration I had gotten from there and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to do so.

After talking some about the imagery they were after we got clear that it did not have to be Art Nouveau inspired (unlike the image of the Lemurian Healing Goddess) and it had to be a vertical composition that would read well online and also in print. Even when we gave names to the goddesses: Gaia, Pele, Aphrodite, etc. They should not represent any culture in particular, so the outfits could be made up and they did not all have to match, which gave me a lot of freedom to experiment with clothes that would represent the element I was portraying. Also, because they did not need to represent any culture I took the liberty of basing the landscape heavily in Hawai’i, given that I had a lot of reference photos I took myself (you can find many in my stock account) and get Hawai’i out of my system (which, of course I didn’t and I want to do more!), and I used pose references from stock artists in DeviantArt. I am a big admirer of Jonathon Earl Bowser, and I found out that my clients were too! So I drew a lot of inspiration from him, looking into his images to get an idea of lighting and mood I saw that my head was already attuned with his concept of Elemental Ballet when I thought of representing the Goddesses as in a Dance of Creation. When I sketched the possible images for each woman I took care of including one or two images full of dynamism, as if engaged in a dance.

After sending them my first batches of sketches: Surprise! They liked them so much that they asked me to work on a Cosmic Goddess too, based on one of the sketches I had sent. How flattering!

A Dance of Creation. Series of five goddesses. Image (c) Constanza Ehrenhaus, David Bower and Mamiko Meridana 2011.

I would like you to join me in a series of future posts in which I am going to be talking about how each image was created. It was a wonderful journey of learning and growth for me, in a year which was rather low in production because of problems during pregnancy, C-section recovery, sleepless nights, almost failed breastfeeding, I was adapting to being a new mom. However, the few pieces I did produce make me proud and I would love to share that process with you.



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26 02 2012

Aloha from Hawaii! As Constanza’s clients, we are absolutely thrilled with the Goddess illustrations she has created for us. All five images are very different, yet as you can see, they all have a similar sincerity and magic woven into them. We look forward to collaborating with her again in the future.

1 10 2012
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