A Weekend in Paris: collaborative scrapkit

28 01 2012

Toulouse-Lautrec's ouvre was the inspiration for this kit.

Last week Lisa Cree approached the artists at PSP TubeStop and asked who wanted to work in a collaborative effort to make a scrapkit, the deadline was tight, but we needed to get it done in time for Valentine’s. I decided to give it a try, I had never worked on making elements and I really wanted to be part of this. The theme was “A Weekend in Paris” and the palette, elements and style were inspired by Toulouse-Lautrec’s oeuvre, especially those with a high red/yellow/black theme. So off we went and in less than a week this awesome kit was put together!

The kit was made by Joanna Bromley, Mitzi Sato Wiuff, Kim Turner, Katerina Koukiotis, Lisa Cree and me, and it includes 64 Elements, 25 Frames, and 15 Papers. It includes hats, corsets, black cats, the tour Eiffel, a table for two, and many other things that make a romantic and unique set, different from just bows and hearts. The kit is valued at $3.50 (not all elements are shown in the preview).

I feel honored to have worked together with such a wonderful and talented bunch of artists, their work rocks and raises the bar for my future efforts! I thought that making “elements”

Weekend in Paris kit preview

would be easier than it was, and I have learned some things by working on this and seeing the work progresses of other artists. If I had to do it again, I would do a lot of things differently and I hope I have the chance to practice some more in the future.

In the meanwhile I have accepted the challenge to make a tube with this kit, just for the fun of it and to see how hard it really is to make tubes, which I have never done 🙂 The great thing of this kit is that it has so many elements and so different that you really could use it in itself to make a piece, no need to get a “main figure”!

If any of you does make a tube from this, me and the other artists would love to see it! Don’t forget that you can find us in Facebook too! You can always upload your work to the group for all of us to enjoy! 🙂



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16 06 2012

is the kit still available?

16 06 2012

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