My year in review and where is my work going

23 01 2012

Last year was the year of low production. I got very few commissions but also didn’t seek for any. I was pregnant, exhausted during the first trimester, throwing up twice a day if I was having a good day and barely able to sit at the computer for more than a few minutes. My clients were just wonderful and patient, very kind and understanding and put up with all this. Come January and I found out that I had a placental condition that sent me to the hospital twice, it was really scary! Since I was put in “house arrest” I could focus on my art a bit more, the stressful circumstances were better because of artwork, at least I had something to do! 🙂 But then Ignacio was born and eight months later we still are not sleeping much! He started sleeping more than an hour at a time over the holidays, so that is great. Some days I actually have a few functional neurons that can get to do something.

Sea Goddess, unfinished (c) Constanza Ehrenhaus 2011

Last year was really a dry year for me and my art (you can also see the lack of blog updates!). The lack of sleep affected how much I actually wanted to work, or how much I could tolerate it, really. Plus the lack of sleep implies that the baby is not sleeping so he is needing me, leaving close to no time for art. However, I think I have improved some. I keep working hard in improving values, composition and have a more interesting palette, I also am trying to improve anatomy and skin tones, and have interesting backgrounds too (as in, look, there actually is a background!).

This year I really want to put more time into my work. Ignacio is sleeping rather well (when he is not teething) up until midnight, so I can fit in a couple of hours of work each evening, I would love to consistently take advantage of them. Also I would like to expand my rather lonely Zazzle store, and I have signed a contract to license my work to PSP TubeStop, I wouldn’t mind having a small but predictable income from smaller venues like those. It would be great to take up on some commission work too, but I have so little time that I feel I need to get paid more than what I was asking for, especially since my time with my husband has become precious, if I am going to take time away from him and my baby, it should be better paid. One more thing I would love to do is to work really hard to help one or two charities I have in mind, I would love to have a sort of ongoing art for charity thing going on, where I could sell or auction my work and donate all the proceedings to them… in that case I don’t mind to work for free, it is my way of thanking God for my life to be blessed with health and love.

Here is a toast to 2012 and the year of the Dragon! I hope it is a wonderful one for all of you!



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