Some Christmas Spirit: When artists come together, part two.

1 12 2011

Regardless of how you like to call this season: Christmas, Yule, Kwanzaa, just Holidays, you have to admit that we all get a little fuzzy and expect some sort of “Christmas Spirit” in our lives. Today I would like to bring you just  a bit of that, some nice, old-fashioned good Christmas Spirit.

Remember that post about Pixie, the chihuahua? Nora Blansett found that Pixie had tumors and heart problems and she needed to bring her dog to surgery, Pixie is more than just a dog for her, so she was heart-broken thinking that she could not afford the expensive surgery plus medications to save Pixie. She started an auction on her Facebook page, but because artists are a very nice community with a great sense of camaraderie, soon Lisa Cree had opened another Facebook Page and artists started to pour donating their work for auctions.

The response was fantastic, people were buying pieces so fast that in less than a week the money was gathered for Pixie’s surgery and during the next subsequent days more money was gathered for medications and vet bills. There was such a sense of love and companionship that people spontaneously started to send more that what the buyers bid for! I sent two cards when one was purchased, and was gladly surprised when I bought one bracelet and received two! Somehow we all were feeling that we just wanted to give more to those that were pushing together for Pixie to live and Nora be happy. I sent a thank you note to the artisan that sent me the bracelets (one is going to my sister, she is going to love it!) and a few days later I got a thank you card from another person that got art cards from me.

I am happy to conclude this little story saying that Pixie got her surgery and is recovering really well. I hope she continues to do so and that both Pixie and Nora know now how much they mean for a bunch of friends, colleagues and strangers, that pulled together in times of adversity to make a little miracle happen.



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