Walnut street art festival

1 09 2011

Last weekend was nice and my husband came with the news that there was a juried national art festival nearby. We headed to the 14th Street Art Festival in Walnut Street and we enjoyed the warm weather and great art, and also seeing some of the artists that frequent the Three Rivers Art Festival.

I was a little taken aback by the lack of openness of some fine artists. I guess I am very used to move among “illustrators” that make a living on internet. Many of these people do not have a webpage or do not have their work displayed online, and they will not let you take photos of their booths! O_o (yes, mister R. R. you were rather rude about it too!). While I can understand the reluctance to having your art stolen, not having a webpage this days seems counterproductive. For example, there are a few artists that I would like to promote here, but I cannot show their work, they have no art on display nor a webpage… Too bad 😦

Some of my favourite artists:

Yelena Lamm: Awesome geometrization of figurative art, and great use of vibrant colors!

The torch cut: Metal decorative sculpture. Very beautiful!

(c) Torchcut.com

Pat Little Images: This just blew my head. His art is just fantastic, and I wish his website was working! He is not only super creative for coming up with his own technique for doing art but also super nice to share his technique! I have to give him Pat props for being the nicer guy out there as an artist, paranoia free and very open to talk about his work.

(c) Pat Little

Suzan Loy: Literary calligraphy, she uses writing as a form of art, intertwining words with images. Very interesting to look at!

(c) Susan Loy

Charles Strain: Bronze sculpture. I would love to have some of his work as an outdoor sculpture. So much dynamism and great flow!

(c) Charles Strain

Bill Herb: The use of different planes in traditional Japanese Raku is wonderful. Also, the way he displayed his art was rather impressive!

(c) Bill Herb



One response

2 09 2011

I don’t see why artists these days don’t share their work on the internet! I agree that it’s entirely counterproductive. As long as you don’t share a large and high resolution image, then the “stealers” can’t do much with it. Without sharing on the internet, you’re cutting off a huge, and sometimes even free, form of advertisement. Yelena Lam’s work looks lovely, I love the geometric way the shapes are divided. The rest of the artists are great too!

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