From when we could enjoy normal things without labeling them them “sin”.

1 05 2011

Last week my dad and a friend linked me these two Disney Videos:

Aquarela do Brasil. A video commissioned to promote integration with Latin American countries.

Destino. A collaboration with Salvador Dali.

Not only these two videos stand out for the wonderful creativity achieved with very traditional techniques, but also they are characteristic from an era in which one drink was not a sin. Nothing wrong with taking one glass of alcohol (the problem here is that Donald is not used to Cachaça so it hits him hard!). In “Destino” the woman is shown naked, in all her glorious beauty, but with no indication of sexual theme and it is not aimed to provoke arousal. I miss those times. I wish people did not take beautiful enjoyable things as responsible drinking or artistic nudity as something sinful and disgusting.



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