Just because giveaway

26 04 2011

Just because I am reallyย  happy. Just because my mom will be here on Sunday. Just because I will be having a baby boy in two weeks! And I want to share the happiness! ๐Ÿ™‚

What am I giving away?

One original small work of art, it is a colored pencil sketch that has remained unsold from an old Sketchfest. You get to choose which one.

How does this work?

You have to leave a comment telling me something that has made you happy recently or is making you happy at the moment! Let’s make it a happy ring and inspire others to be happy too! Do not forget to leave an email or some kind of contact information in the post and your choice of sketch.

If you subscribe to this blog your comment will count as two, giving you two chances to win.

When is the deadline?

Let’s run this for one week. Next Monday the giveaway will be closed and I will randomly select someone (or maybe Sebastian, my cat, as the last time. You cannot get more random than that!)

Eros and Psyche (c) Constanza Ehrenhaus

Eros and Psyche (c) Constanza Ehrenhaus

Vintage Faery (c) Constanza Ehrenhaus

Stained glass faery (c) Constanza Ehrenhaus

Keeping in mind that my crappy scanned likes to murder blues, forgive the lack of accuracy in the digital image. I promise that what you will get looks much better!

I do ship international, so that will not be a problem at all!ย  So, comment away!



10 responses

26 04 2011
Eric Childress

I can be happy about quite a few things. Friends and family I haven’t talked to in ages are coming out of the woodwork and we’re talking again. My son’s tumor is stable for 6 MRI’s in a row now. And the icing on the cake… I am in negotiations with a licensing company about selling my photography. Something I have wanted to do for a while now. I hope that’s enough happy. Oh and tomorrow morning I register my daughter to start Kindergarten in the fall.

26 04 2011

Oh, having a cancer remission in your child has to be a great source of happiness! Also, congratulations to your little big girl and to you on the licensing!

26 04 2011
micah carmichael

my recent moment of happiness was Easter morning realizing I have a ten year old who still believes in the easter bunny. its nice to see she still has a bit of innocence left in there!

26 04 2011

Aww, isn’t that the sweetest thing? I love to hear those stories, especially nowadays in which innocence seems to have vanished!

26 04 2011

I’m SO happy that Sketch Fest is getting people to draw and have fun drawing. That thrills me.

Two weeks!! EEeee!

26 04 2011

And that is something that makes us all so happy, Ellen! Thank you so much for thinking of something as fun as sketchfest! I know it’s a bit of a stretch, but I hope the baby lets me take part in the next one! ๐Ÿ™‚

28 04 2011
Cathy Holford (Pixie Wildflower)

What makes me happy is creating art and crafts. Another thing is to serve and help others. I guess I find happiness by making others happy. It’s contagious!

28 04 2011

That is so nice of you Cathy! I agree that making others happy is a great way of being happy oneself ๐Ÿ™‚

28 04 2011
Brenda Lyons

Oh, just two weeks! How exciting ๐Ÿ˜€

I am happy because I have lots of sprouting flowers on my windowsill! The larkspur I had nearly given up on suddenly sprouted in the course of 24 hours! It makes me happy to watch little stalks of life poking through the soil and bending toward the sun.

28 04 2011

How nice! I hope to see photos of your plants soon! I love gardening and is something I am hoping to go back after the baby is here and I fully recover! I miss the smell of dirt and taking care of my plants! :3

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