Sketchfest-April 2011

23 04 2011

Sketches for Sketchfest April 2011 (c) Constanza Ehrenhaus

Good morning! yesterday and today is Sketchfest, and since I am really busy with some paid commissions I do not have a lot of time to do this. But I still wanted to join the fun! So I decided to put 3 hours into it and have some good, relaxing sketching time. And I don’t regret it! I have dome 4 sketches, two of them I am so loving!! The pirate chick has an attitude that I love! And the faery couple is my favourite of this month. I really like the mood to it and the colors (In the original) came out very nicely.

My scanner frustrates me to no end, and one of the sketchfesters told me that it might be blind to blue… which is the most reasonable explanation since the blues never ever show up at all! 😡  But it is not the time to get a new scanner, we have more pressing issues coming up! (Can you say “baby”?).

In an y case, all the sketches are available for purchasing, all the proceedings will be donated to EMG. Again, you will not find these prices for originals of mine ever except in Sketchfest, so if you like, pass by and get them before they sell!

If you would like to purchase old unsold sketches from prior sketchfests, let me know.



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