You just draw chicks, you gay or wut? Or how being an artist leads you through different behaviors.

18 04 2011

I remember drawing. always. really. I cannot remember a moment in which I was not drawing through my life, even in school, which is no surprise to all of you artists, as the teacher would speak I’d draw away in extra sheets or in the margins of my notebook. I always have been an excellent student, so my parents never worried about this, and my teachers gave up after a while, after all I was getting good grades and understood the topic.

As I went to college to study biology, I found that doodling actually helped me focus better on what the teachers were saying, some of my lectures went for up to 3 hours, so anything was welcomed to keep focus! But also this brought the unwanted consequence of other nearby students noticing that I was drawing and making weird comments. I remember one conversation went like this:

I guess I must be lesbian, since I only draw naked chicks 😉 (c) Constanza Ehrenhaus

-Are you lesbian?

-No, why?

-You are always drawing women.

-Uh… yeah…. (fantasy art influenced artist, ya see?)

-So, why do you *always* draw women, and naked!

-Ehr… I really like how women look.

-So, you *are* lesbian!!

Yes, I guess all female fantasy artists are mainly lesbian, and as my friend Jesus Alonso says “I guess all male fashion designers are straight”.

Another interesting conversation came about in my Evolution class, one of those 3 hr. lecture classes, with a very smart scientist as a professor, sadly, he was a really bad professor, so keeping focused and awake was a must! As a good artist I became interested in a certain subject, I think it was mermaids, and I started doodling mermaids like crazy, you know, with all that idea of concepting and finding the right pose and such. This girl came to me and told me “Oh, I see there is a pattern of obsession there, you’d do good in going to the psychoanalyst and find what is wrong with you”. I was completely flabbergasted, I thought that was terribly non courteous and so out of place! But I guess I was an artist in the making sketching away and being misunderstood 😉

My obsession knows no limits! Otherwise known as concepting. (c) Constanza Ehrenhaus.

Do you have any funny anecdote to tell? Please, share!



One response

18 04 2011
Jesús Alonso

Coty, aunque estoy totalmente de acuerdo con esa frase, es cosecha de Jenny Heidewald 😛

Por cierto, ¡esas imágenes que has puesto parecen recopilaciones de porno duro, por favor! A ver si tenemos un poco de decoro y buen gusto, ¿eh? ;P

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