Sketchfest #12

27 03 2011

I was really looking forward sketchfest, given that last time I was too busy to work on it. But life has its way of imposing itself and I ended up in the hospital for two days because of bleeding. The upside is that the baby is doing fine and I am home again. The not so cool stuff is that I am in bedrest now 😦

I was hoping to do a lot of sketches for this sketchfest, but coming back from the hospital I needed to catch up with a lot. As in sending emails to work and explain the situation, try to figure out how to go on from here and so on. I still managed to work on three sketches though! 🙂

Sketches for sketchfest #12 (c) Constanza Ehrenhaus

The prompts were:

Mermaid kisses

Blushing rose


These are colored pencil original small works of art, they are available as donations for the site so the prices go from 5 to 7 dollars. You will *never* find original art by me at this price. The originals look much much better, because the scanner eliminates a lot of the blues and the subtleties of color. So if you want your own small original, pass by the site and get your sketch so we can keep sketchfesting!



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