It’s finally finished!

19 03 2011

Sometimes a piece that is challenging and fun reaches a point in which it turns to “yes, it was nice, and it was a great learning experience, but I want to be done with it.” This commission was that. It was very challenging, a lot of fun, very interesting, but it became too long (my client was wonderfully patient, we started during my first trimester! and I had some really rough months) and by the end of it,  I just needed to finish it so I didn’t have to work on it anymore. Fortunately, with some good feedback from the client, we finished this piece recently and she is ready to go!

I am proud to show this new tattoo design! She is a winged Venus, and it is designed to wrap around the shoulder of the client, with the dress draping around the arm and the wings extending to the back. He is happy, I am happy, and all is good in my side of the world.


(c) Constanza Ehrenhaus 2011. This is a custom made tattoo that my client paid for. Please, respect him and do not use as your own.





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