The unexpected project: Victorian prostitutes.

23 02 2011

I was approached by a nice man who came across my work because we had a mutual friend in Facebook (hey, social networking has been working for me!). He had a small personal project and he liked my art, so we talked about it and it happened that he needed portraits of Victorian prostitutes! So, though I would have never thought I was going to be illustrating a series of brothel ladies I jumped in. Especially since we both had the idea of keeping it tasteful.

This is the result:


This is a commissioned piece, it is copyrighted to me and belongs to my client, please respect both of us and do not redistribute, modify or commercialize without or express consent.


The project was absolutely fabulous. I thank Doug that he was patient with me during the months that I felt sick through my first trimester and had no rush. We had a good time working together, he allowed enough liberty to work and have fun with the girls and gave enough directions as to have a solid basis to start building up from. The lovely ladies are Jana, Jasmine, Lauren, Bridget, Irene and Aiko, we were trying to have different body types and ethnicity included just to keep it more flavorful.

And you, have you ever had an unexpected and fun project to work in?




2 responses

24 02 2011

Those are great! You did a fabulous job in creating them, and I love the way you envisioned the portraits!

24 02 2011

Thanks a lot, Rebecca! It certainly was unique and fun to work on these! 🙂

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