10 01 2011

For some time you might have read from me or other artists that we are sketchfesting, we are going to go to sketchfest, sketchfest was awesome…. But, what is sketchfest?

Sketchfest is a 24 hours monthly event, one of many ideas of super entrepreneurial woman Ellen Million. The idea is to get a bunch of artists together to sketch in one hour or less whatever they find inspiring among the many prompts given by people that would like to see their ideas interpreted. One or more artists may claim a prompt and then the sketches are uploaded to the site. It is a lot of fun and a nice way to share some community time with the other artists and prompters. Ellen has been developing the site month by month and I have to say that I am tremendously impressed with what a great job she is doing at making the site more functional and adding nice features to it.

Oh! A nice thing is that artists have the opportunity to sell the sketches, also we can choose to donate the gains to the site to help build it up. I have my sketches up for sale (minus the sexy witch, she is sold!) and you can see other works in this link.

Sketchfest images (c) Constanza Ehrenhaus 2011

Help support the arts! These sketches sell for a fraction of the price that sketches would normally sell.

These are my sketches for this month, please consider that the scanner has been less than kind to my colors (My main reason not to do traditional art!) and a lot of the colors have been lost, for example the butterfly’s wings have red, orange and violet. If you are interested in any of these sketches, please let me know, I can also upgrade some of them if you would like (as in refining coloring or adding more background) The prompts were: Vintage faery, a witchy woman in her favourite stockings, on stained glass wings and goddess pin-up.



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