Let’s have fun together and you can get a small print!

25 12 2010

Hi people, and merry Christmas!

we are back from our lovely honeymoon and next Monday I am going to have an ultrasound done and I might find out the sex of the baby! With this in mind, leave a comment below saying if you think the baby will be girl or boy, I will do a draw between those that got it right and give away two small prints of my Oriental Dragon, it’s the season to give! 😉

So go ahead, have some fun!




9 responses

26 12 2010
The Mad Pirate

Its a Boy !!!!!

26 12 2010
Mike Cross

It’s a girl!!!!

26 12 2010
Jesús Alonso

Hmmm…. I will say… a precious little girl 🙂

26 12 2010

hombre arana!

26 12 2010

That would be quite awesome! 🙂

26 12 2010
Fire Oak Studio

I’m going with my first thought – a girl.

27 12 2010

I’m gonna say GIRL!

27 12 2010

I think it is a boy!

28 12 2010

Hi, Coty. I’m thinking you have twins ^^. haha. boy and girl…In all seriousness I am thinking its likely a boy..But I select “Girl”

A daughter ;)..just to uncomplicate my own verbal musings

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