How do I get started!!!?

27 09 2010

Some weeks ago I got a message from a dear artist friend that is just getting started, she has loads of talent and a lot of creativity and great skill. But that is not enough, you cannot sit in your living room waiting to be ‘discovered’ like in a cheese Hollywood movie. She knows very well that one of the important things is to get out there, get seen, make a name for yourself… And that was the question: “What name do I give my Etsy store”?

While I am not an authority at names, or at anything for the case!, I gave her the best advice I could, and then I thought I could share that with the rest of the world, since probably, other people might be in the same situation.

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This is my answer:

“That is a really difficult question because a name is sooo personal!
I think that it has to be something you feel comfortable with not only today but also in a few years… so if you feel that ‘zexygurl’ sounds silly today, you probably will feel it is downright stupid in two years. I would avoid intentional misspellings, by the way. Also, do not use fanart names; except you will do only Sailor Moon based art, you do not need to be “SailorWarriorStore”, you need to be something unique and not a copy of someone else’s idea.

I would also avoid something that is so witty that only you and your friends can understand, you do not want to make people have to think too much to get your name, or to have to put a lot of effort in remembering it, you want them coming back!
Other thing I would avoid is numbers… would not go for 3l12ab3th or Mary8765 either. Those are aggravating and hard to remember later.

I know I probably did not tell you anything you already didn’t know! Sorry! But those are the things I try to keep in mind. Also, try to google the names you have thought of to see if they are widely taken! When I took “faerywitch” I was the only one, but I was too busy with gradschool as to claim territories (websites) with it and now there are too many faerywitch/fairywitch!! 😦 but I don’t want to get rid of it because people already knows me by it!
So another thing you would want to do is go over all stores and art places and create an account with your chosen name. They are free, so there is no cost.

Also, what are you planning to sell? Ceramics only? ceramics and other crafts? That can help you too to define the name of your store.

I am afraid I have not been of much help! 🙂 but if there is anything else I can do for you let me know!”

I hope this is for some help to those of you that find yourselves in this situation. Also, if you have any extra advice that I did not cover here, it would be awesome to hear of it!



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27 09 2010
Coriander Shea Detwiler

Hi there 🙂

When I chose the name for my art website, “Phantom’s Rose” it was an intensely personal decision. I am DEEPLY influenced by the Phantom of the Opera and have used this as a handle on galleries and websites for years before getting my website. However, I thought it was still ambiguous enough to sound mysterious and relate to my particular brand of Faery art as well. Make sure it’s something that means a lot to you!

9 10 2010

That is an excellent point!

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