Artistic influences

31 08 2010

Coty's Influence map

There is this awesome meme in DA (probably the only meme I’ve ever wanted to do) about what has influenced your artistic development. I have completed it and wanted to share it with you:

1-Disney. I grew up on those things, and while today Disney is highly criticized for whathaveyou, I think the concept art is amazing, the animation is amazing, and it is probably because of Disney that I wanted to draw and draw and draw! I would love to suck on the neurons of Disney’s concept artists.

2-Anime, particularly Sailor Moon, but a lot of earlier ones as Heidi, Candy Candy, Mazinger, etc. I loved the aesthetics of it! Later on I got tired of the fandom.

3-Religious imagery and art. Putting aside the fact that I do consider myself very religious, there is something to judeo-christian tradition and art that is highly inspiring. The constant search of expression of a higher being with human tools have pushed artists to excel for centuries!

4-The beauty of the human body. I cannot deny that this is what inspires me the most all the time. When I find myself through an artist block I just dig out photos of nude models and start sketching. The body never ceases to amaze me!

5-World mythology and cultures of the world. When I was a child I devoured mythology books, this made me have an appreciation for the art related to those cultures! This definitely influenced my art!

6-My family. Without the constant support from my family I would have never got myself where I am now. They have given me as present the coolest and fanciest art tools I have 🙂 Also conversations with my husband often end up in paper 🙂

7-Renaissance artists. Nothing else to add.

8-Nature. Nature is a constant source of inspiration, and I keep hoping one day to be good enough as to represent it as I see it.

9-Music! Oh, how could I leave music out! Not only music keeps me accompanied while drawing, but also it is a constant source of inspiration!

10-Argentinean comics, like Nippur of Lagash, Wendolyn, Pepe Sanchez, Danske. They have a more European style, not so much super heroes and impossible muscles, and I read them like crazy during childhood.

11-Alphonse Mucha. You can tell.

12-European comics, particularly Belgium ones, as Tin-Tin, Asterix, Smurfs. Awesome stuff if you are not familiar with them.

13-Stephanie Pui Mun Law. The one person that made me realize that you can make a living out of art and that watercolors can be beautiful and vibrant. Thanks to her I decided to put hours into painting to become *hopefully* as good as her. Then I met many more awesome artists that fit the description, but she was the first one.

The original can be found here

What has influenced your artistic development?



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