You are always improving

23 08 2010

More often than not, even as I paint frantically on my Wacom I keep thinking that I am really not as good as I’d like to be, that I will never be Leonardo and that I seem to be going nowhere. This is an easy trap to fall into while we strive for excellency, but it is really not the truth. As long as we keep putting the hours of practice and we keep learning, our art does improve, it is just hard to see when we are in the middle of it, and surrounded by awesome artists that are far superior, and of course, we tend to be our worse critics.

This year I’ll be taking the Leap of Faith and entering Ballistic’s call for Exotique 6. It is frightening and I don’t want to entertain hopes of making it in, but I’ll send some of my work. I am rather busy at the moment finishing up a couple of pieces, so I do not want to go over old pieces to fix them up.  I was surprised when a bunch of people suggested that I should submit Freyja awakening, but given that it has a high visual impact, with the frame of knotwork and flowers, I think they do have a point. However when I went see it again I did not like the skin and hair work. I decided to go super fast over it and try to beautify it a bit, I really should go over all of it, but have not the time at the moment! I put in a few minutes and I was surprised to see the difference! Not only it looks much better now, but also I knocked it down in less than an hour, when it had taken me days two years ago!! :O

Freyja awakens (c) Constanza Ehrenhaus. 2010

So I guess, I am improving after all, I am a better artist and I am going somewhere 🙂



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23 08 2010

Honestly, Coty, I am jealous!
You developed your style so much. I instantly recognize your work – and: it is soooo charming! Even your work, you did not put much time in it – it looks so nice to me.
I know, that you will be a GREAT ARTIST very soon!
I already wondered, why I can’t improve as much, but guess I just don’t spend enough time doing art 😦
And Coty, this is not just a compliment – I really think, this is the TRUTH!

23 08 2010

Thank you Rita! I am so happy that people are starting to say that I have a style! You have improved a lot, especially in your digital works!

23 08 2010

Wow, what a big improvement. I liked the first version, but I love the second. It is subtle, but major. You have grown in leaps and bounds since I first started following your work. I have to agree with Rita and say that I am jealous, but I am also very proud of you. One thing I like to remind myself when I’m feeling that I am not good enough is that even the artists I most admire feel the same way. And that there are people who admire my work and wish they could do as well. We just have to keep pushing ourselves to improve, so that the number of people who look at our art and say “I wish I could be that good” grows every year 😉

23 08 2010

Yes, apparently we all go whining about how good we are not! I think your art has grown a lot! I love your new series of inks!

23 08 2010

That’s true! To be a great artist, it is important to take it to heart and keep practicing. One may have the talent, but if you don’t allow yourself to practice as often as you could and continue learning, then it would definitely bring you nowhere. Have faith in yourself! You will eventually grow into the artist you want to be. Great job s far 🙂

23 08 2010

Thank you! 🙂

23 08 2010

Hi Coty, totally agree with what you said, even if I am in a big “what a crap” moment. Or maybe balancing between “crap” and “good”.

Your Freya is really nice, try them! Just remember they do not always pick up the best art, sometimes while looking at flash mini book at the site I wonder why they have chosen this or that but rejected works I’ve seen among the entries. I am saying this only to tell you that not being in Exotique doesn’t mean anything. Getting there probably means your art appeals to masses – at least in editor’s POV as they simply want to sell the book. Good luck!

I’ve got only old stuff, thought I’ll finish something new but time is running. And they didn’t take my old stuff so far, so I spare them seeing all those images again.

23 08 2010

(I meant “but not the rejected works I’ve seen among the entries”)

23 08 2010

Yeah, I know that really good art sometimes does not make it in, but most art that gets in is good. Besides if I did get in it would be a great chance to be seen! 🙂

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