Book review: Dreamscapes: Myth and Magic by Stephanie Pui Mun Law

4 08 2010

Myth and Magic by Stephanie Pui Mun Law

In this book Stephanie Pui Mun Law shares her knowledge and mastery in creating wonderful watercolor images. She covers the basics in art and specifically in watercolors, and then offers a series of practical hands on walk throughs using several of her wonderful images as templates.

The thing I find the most interesting about this book is the way Stephanie designed it. Instead of grouping all the instructional part at the beginning and then showing the step by steps, she has used a very dynamic approach in which she basically submerges you in the practical aspects of watercolors almost immediately. Each chapter is based on a special character (the sun, the moon, the witch…) and in each chapter she talks about character design, one or two important basic concepts (as light or skin colors), has one or two myths and proceeds to one or two walk throughs. As the chapters progress she covers more difficult concepts, making the learning gradual and interesting.

I can say that I would highly recommend this book. It is absolutely wonderful and very entertaining, full of interesting tips for using watercolors. If you purchase it through her website the book will be autographed and come with a print of the cover image!



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4 08 2010
Angela S

I’ve been really looking forward to this one! I’m not surprised at all that you recommend it. Have you read the first Dreamscapes? I can’t wait to have this one in my hands if it’s anywhere near as helpful 🙂

4 08 2010

I do not have the first Dreamscapes. I think it came out when I was broke! 😀 But I am planning to buy it too whenever I can. Though I cannot compare it with the first one, I loved this one, and I found her approach very dynamic and original.

12 09 2010
Supporting the artist, or why I avoid Amazon « Faerywitch World.

[…] this year Stephanie Pui Mun Law also released an awesome how to book “Dreamscapes: Myth and Magic” and Amazon marked it down by 34%! She also mentioned the hardships of competing against her […]

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