Pittsburgh’s Confluence

28 07 2010

Last weekend I went to Pittsburgh’s Confluence, a sci-fi, fantasy and horror convention. The setting was a hotel near the airport and it was a small but nice venue. It is not flashy at all but the organization seemed to me to be very clean and sleek, which is a plus.

double-tree hotel sculpture (c) Constanza Ehrenhaus 2010

I visited the dealer’s room, where you can find books and books and more books for the most part *By the way I found just by chance a wonderful book about oriental art that I promptly bought as a reference source. It was so cheap too!* The tables are $150 for the whole weekend and since there is not a lot of room for the dealers you should put your application a year in advance! Besides books they had some CD’s, jewelry, a few crafts and more books. I seriously did not see people buying much, maybe because at that time they had panels going on, though.

On the other hand they have the art show. In the art show they had all kinds of things, arts and crafts, from excellent quality to badly rendered poser dolls, but for the most part the quality was good. The show if free and agenting is allowed (artists friends *hint hint*!), there is no fee for art that is for sale and there is a $2 for art that is not for sale, the conventions keeps a commission of what is sold. If a certain piece has more than one bid during the art show it later goes to an auction on Sunday afternoon.

I did not have much time to spend at Confluence, mainly because life keeps going and I had laundry evening and had to get the house ready since I have guests coming over soon. But they do have really good guests and great speakers. I went to see only one talk about storytelling and I was all fired up wanting to go back to college and take some literature classes! 🙂

I think next year I will give the art show a try. The accept originals, limited edition prints and embellished prints (signed), so I think I’ll give it a go, especially since there is no loss if I don’t sell anything. My biggest criticism to the organization is that I have been trying to contact them for several months (I think since January) and I had to get myself to the convention to actually talk to somebody and get some answers.



2 responses

29 07 2010
Angela S.

I will have to add this to my mail-in art show list! I could use a super cool agent, if you’re up for it next year. 😉 (I could trade you in repping you at a show in my area or pay you a handling fee, if you like!)

Thanks for the heads up about this one! Your con reviews have been really handy so far.

29 07 2010

I am glad this reports are of use! I am hoping to go next year so I’ll be glad to bring some of your images! You just need to give me a letter saying you are allowing me to bring your work over and the like. Then they would send the check straight to you. We’ll talk about the details when next year comes 😀

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