Meeting artists in real life: Brenda Lyons

6 07 2010

Because of Anthrocon taking place in Pittsburgh, where I live, I got to meet the wonderful Brenda Lyons, whom you might know as Windfalcon. Brenda was doing Anthrocon for the first time and drove from Connecticut on Thursday. My husband and I picked her up from Downtown and brought her to have some pizza and beers to the Church Brew Works (incidentally, if you ever come to Pit, that is a brewery you *have to* go see!).

Not only Brenda is an excellent artist but she is absolutely awesome. I was told by many how much I was going to like her, and they were right! She is a very nice person and I so

Protect me (c) Brenda Lyons 2010

loved her distinguished Yankee accent! Oh, how charming! We talked about art, large cities, small cities and the frustration of being a college professor… we actually discovered that we have had very similar experiences as young new teachers! It was going to be the first time in Anthrocon for the two of us, so we were rather excited about that, Brenda was going to go as an artist in the artists alley so I was hoping to see her again the next day when I was going to go check the con out. We then brought her to the hotel since the poor girl was exhausted after 8 hours of driving (plus we gave her beer! *giggles*) and promised her to be there the next day.

Unfortunately I couldn’t see her the next day. I went to the Con but the Convention Center apparently had not given Anthrocon enough tables for all the artists and Brenda was not included :(. The good thing though, is that I got to see her incredible art in person in the art show. People, you have no idea how beautiful her watercolors and masks are! They are absolutely stunning! If you think they look good in the screen, wait to see them in person! The richness of color is in-cre-di-ble! She was going to be there through Sunday, but on Saturday I had to go to Monster Bash and after paying entrance fees for me and my husband for both conventions I was completely broke, so I could not go back to Anthrocon. I did hear she did a very good con, though, which all that know her had no doubts about, since her art is just awesome. I hope I can hang around with her next year again 🙂

Do you want to see Brenda’s art? Head to her webpage, or go to her blog to read about the process of her art.

Would you want to know more about her? Then stay tuned! There is an interview coming up soon!



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