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3 06 2010

It’s a beautiful design! Good clients are gems, too. Loved seeing your thought process on this 😀

3 06 2010

Thanks a lot Louisa!

3 06 2010
Angela S.

Very interesting seeing your thoughts and sketches and learning what informs the decision to stay simple or go more detailed. That has to be one of the most lovely feminine faces I’ve seen lately. Glad this went well for you and that you shared the experience with others. Logo and branding are an area I don’t venture into much (I’m so far from a graphic designer that it hurts, my mind thinks in too much detail!).

3 06 2010

I have never done something like this. I have been reading about logos and designs and I don’t think I have the modern sleek look that is preferred today. However this was more my style and what the client wanted, so I could apply what I have read in the past.
Thanks a lot for the compliment too!

18 09 2013
Inspiration…? | Faerywitch World.

[…] into their minds and be their hands to create a unique piece. Actually, I could say that some of my best pieces have been commissions. And while the payment does not necessarily inspire me in itself, it […]

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