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6 02 2010

I know there is a certain trend out there by which an artist “should never ever ever EVER! use a reference… jeez, that is cheating! That is like tracing!! and those that do it are criminals and should be shunned from the art community and incarcerated!!!” Well… maybe not that much, but you get the idea. Certain people believe that the use of reference is wrong. It pains me more when this comes from artists themselves that also look down on artists that do use reference and consider them ‘not good enough, not virtuoso’.

Well, I have learned loads since I started using reference, and yes, I also talk about copying with learning in mind. Using references allowed me to see, really see color interactions, folds, anatomy poses, so much!

Rose at Dawn by Constanza Ehrenhaus

And when I need references I find my self going over and again to Deviantart. Deviantart for all its faults is a place that has a big base of stock artists that generously provide their work for others to use at no charge. I encourage you to browse through it, it holds a bunch of jewels that will have exactly what you had in mind!

As soon as I started to use stock images I felt that I should at least try to give back part of what I was receiving so I opened my own stock account. It is mostly dedicated to natural elements, such as (but not limited to) flowers, landscapes, animals and trees. Truth is that I am not terrible active because sometimes months can pass before I have something worth of uploading, especially when I exhaust the theme around my house πŸ™‚ but I do have a nice collection of hundreds of images and I enjoy very much when people uses them.

So if you are in search of nature-related images, please pass by and see if I have what you need.



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6 02 2010

ALL artists, except maybe 2 yr. olds, are cannibals. We all feed of the visual fruit of one another. That is what makes art so wonderful; it is a perpetual means of transporting ideas through times and cultures.

6 02 2010

Very true.

7 02 2010

All artists in order to learn need to use referances.
but it really depends on what you want to achieve.
there is nothing wrong with using referances.
i suppose even those that dont, do in some recpects

7 02 2010

There is not only nothing wrong but also much good in using references. References help us to understand shapes, volumes and values. I am by no means a realistic artist, however at least, I will look at photos before starting to work, and many times use the photos while I work to help me see where to place lines and light.

7 02 2010
Karyn Lewis

Awesome. Just added your stock account to my watch list. πŸ˜€

7 02 2010

Neat! Expect a lot of winter scenes coming up! πŸ™‚

8 02 2010
Angela R. Sasser

I remember when I thought the use of references was a bad thing back in the day. Now I don’t think I could live without them! I remember my mind changed when I started studying the processes of more professional artists and finding that *shock* they used plenty of reference in their work! I eventually found that there’s nothing wrong with striving for accuracy or jump-starting your inspiration with them.

I do believe there are folks who can rely on reference poses a little too much, instead of letting an image come alive on its own, but that is more a discussion of method than it is the use of reference, itself.

Cool beans:D I’ll have to check out your stock account! I have one too and I am so happy to be a part of the stock community on DA. It’s a groovy place to be with lots of nice and caring people!

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