Wonderful 2010 Calendars

10 12 2009

My last post Great Holiday Cards showcased some of the cards that I found fascinating while browsing friends’ websites. I hope you liked them too and considered purchasing some 😉

If you are in search of some great calendars to decorate your walls while keeping track of the days and possible activities, please take a look at these unique calendars.

Time of the Faeries by Joseph Corsentino

Joseph takes photographs of beautiful models and transforms them into fantastic urban stories of faeries, angels and vampires. A great option for the urban fantasy lover!

Artist friend Angela Sasser has released a calendar with some of her classic

2010 Calendar by Angela Sasser

illustrations of these last couple of years.  This is an interesting assortment of angels, belly dancers and warriors.

Irene is selling this absolutely adorable kitty calendar! She has done all the shots herself and it is just super cute. Perfect for the cat lovers out there!

Kitty Calendar by Irene Zeleskou

A calendar that I found especially fascinating was the Mandala Calendar, by Valerie Hartley. It shows several

Mandala Calendar by Valery Hartley

colorful mandalas, creatively constructed to fit each month and season. Go take a look at it!

If you are into feminine beautiful faeries, your cup of tea will probably be

2010 Calendar by Meredith Dillman

Meredith’s calendar. Her stunning watercolors are full of beauty and legend.

Ellen Million Graphics is selling calendars for the upcoming year too. One of them featuring wonderful mermaids, fairies and more by artist Rachel Anderson and the other one about fantasy frogs by artist Ursula Vernon. If you know Ursula’s work, you know it will be a year full of humorous images!

If you still need to buy some presents for friends and family, make sure to consider these artists, the calendars will be a terrific way for them to have you present through the year. I will now go and browse them some more… so, which one is your favourite? 🙂

Enchantment and fantasy by Rachel Anderson

Tadpoles we have known by Ursula Vernon.



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