Artist feature: Mary Layton

26 09 2009

I am in the process of planning a wedding and part of that process is the election of cards to send as announcements,

The announcement cards we got from Luna Grove!!

The announcement cards we got from Luna Grove!!

invitations, etc. As the artist I am I first thought of designing them myself, why not? But then I realized that illustrator and graphic designer are two very different things, that at the end making custom cards can be as expensive or more than ordering them made, and that when you are working two jobs and hitting 13 hours a day you have little time left to play with designs.

Having several artist friends that married not that long ago I just went to twitter and asked where did people buy stationary for weddings. And Mary Layton, also known as Rhiamon in the art community, passed me the information that she actually has a store which sells social stationery! What a joy!!! My husband and I are very much of the opinion that we would rather to buy from a friend than from an unknown person and we headed for her online store: Luna Grove. I was absolutely taken aback by the huge diversity of cards. There is something for every taste and budget, and the quality is very good! So I found a variety of cards that I liked and then we just had to match tastes with the husband 🙂

So… I have a Ph.D. in biology, right? You would think that the fact that I am a scientist and all that jazz makes me rather smart… well, I confess that when it comes down to wedding girly stuff I am a complete bimbo. I am ashamed of the lack of capacity that my brain has to solve the most simple problems… and Mary has been amazing! She has answered every single cry for help that I had about the most silly things like “O_o What type(s) of card do I actually have to buy? There are so many of them!!!”, and every time, very patiently she has explained things to me while making me not feel like a silly person. Thank you, Mary!! You can see the cards we got to the left, they are very pretty, and when you see them in person they are even more beautiful!

So, if you are planning to get some stationary for your social event, go over to Luna Grove! Check their stuff out and see if there is something you like, Mary will make the experience very pleasurable!

But Mary is also a traditional artist, and her art is absolutely beautiful and elegant, it can be found in Blue Moon Atelier. It is a mix of art nouveau, celtic and classic styles and the combination is amazing. I am the proud owner of a print of the Nouveau Belly Dancer that you can see

(c) Mary Layton

(c) Mary Layton

to the left 🙂 And I love to see it every day. I got it in an auction to help a non for profit and Mary, very generously, donated all the profits of the purchase.

Unlike many of my fantasy artist fellows (myself included) Mary’s range of themes is very wide and she also does floral art and landscapes, and she sells a huge variety of products through her webpage and several stores. If you want prints, bookmarks, jewelry, journals, perfumes, or if you are into tubes, Mary has it!

Besides that, her art has evolved terribly through the years. You see, she always had a very nice sense of elegance, but her technical skill has improved very much, and her late art is absolutely stunning!

So, if you know Mary, pass by her site and say hi to her. And if you did not know her, what are you waiting for? Go see her wonderful, elegant art! You will not be disappointed!



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