Time management.

10 09 2009

I suck at time management. The semester started and I am now working two part time jobs in two different universities. As you very well know, two part time jobs are much more time than one full time job… and less benefits, of course. So I spend most of my time grading, preparing material, attending faculty meetings, teaching, and holding office hours.

Besides that I kind of take care of the house… I am rather embarrassed to say that hubby is doing most of the housework except the kitchen and cooking, which are still my domain. Also, I am wedding planning, which is a lot of long hours of not much to finally get one thing done, and I have to exercise as part of my migraine management program. I am at a point in my life where I cannot afford not to exercise anymore. And then the extras: keep in touch with family, care for the cats, read a book to relax, bond with hubby, and perform my Make a Wish tasks. Which are not things that I can put aside and ignore, they need to be done.

The resultant is that my art suffers. I really miss sitting for hours during the summer to just draw; now there is so much to do! And I am hardly managing to have the strength in me to sit down and draw when I have some extra time. I find that after 3 weeks of intensive work, with not one day off, it took me about 2 days to recover and sit down with my tablet again. Thank God it’s Thursday! I do have the time today, and I am not as overwhelmed as a few days ago, so I plan to jump on my tablet after doing some of my teaching tasks.

But I have noticed how much I do suck at time management. I really cannot fit one hour a day to draw, when I know I should be able to. If any of you can offer some ideas, I will be happy to listen!



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